Monday, August 6, 2012

Master Bath Rehab

What do you do the day before you start a new job? Paint your bathroom, of course! Lani did a fabulous job telling you about our new jobs last week, but I have to tell you… my stomach was in knots. It still kind of is. Hard to believe it has been almost 3.5 years since I worked full time. Crazy how time flies! So while Will was attending his first day at preschool (only a half day to get the gist of what we were embarking on), I prepped my master bathroom for paint because I didn’t know what to do with my 3.5 hours of free time except go to Target… The best way for me to get my mind off of something, is manual labor. Usually I’m cleaning the kitchen top to bottom, or organizing something totally absurd like pictures or bills. On this day in history, I chose to paint.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to see how this bathroom as evolved in the last 5 years…

23  22
Glorious, isn't it? Ugh…those shower doors were barf-tastic. This is how it looked when we bought it.
Hubby donned this lovely look after we removed the shower doors not long after moving in, and refinished the whole tub/shower.
It’s a good look for him. Winking smile

We then painted the bathroom a khaki color, or what was supposed to be a nice khaki color…
DSC01328  DSC01326
It’s not Ralph Lauren’s fault. Outside of this bathroom with no natural light, RL’s English Tan is a great color, and his paint goes on like buttah. But it turned very yucky and muddy and baby-poopy in here. After living with it for 4 years, it was time for a change.

When I picked up the paint for our Living Room, it was Memorial Weekend and Home Depot had a $5 mail-in rebate for every gallon of paint you bought. So what the heck… I picked up a gallon of Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Gray for the bathroom & probably kitchen… It had since been sitting on our balcony waiting to be used… and waiting… and waiting.
DSC00661Love at 1st sight. This is also a good opportunity to talk about this hideous tile floor that the previous owners put in here. This 6”x6” cloud looking tile is no where else in our house. In fact, they did a decent job picking neutral travertine-esque ceramic tiles for our tiny entry & in the kitchen. I have no clue why this is in here. It is a pain in the butt to keep clean, too. The English Tan paint accentuated it’s fugly-ness, too. Awful. It will get replaced before we move out. Oh yes. It will. Thankfully, the Driftwood Gray paint tones down the fugly.

You might have noticed a few things…
1) This bathroom is tiny. 5’ wide x 7.5’ long. Our guest bathroom is a mirror image of this bathroom. T.I.N.Y. Our 1st apartment’s bathroom was bigger. The nice thing about having an itsy bitsy bathroom is that it takes no time to clean.
2) Yes, I used a small roller. We had the regular sized ones, but this tiny roller let me get in all those tiny spots. And I didn’t feel like if I mis-stepped that I was going to swing a big roller & paint something I didn’t mean to. Accidents happen and I’m a bit of a klutz.

In about 3 hours, I was done. It would’ve been a faster process, but tiny bathroom also = ridiculously hot box with no ventilation, so I took ample water breaks and also some check-on-the-3-year-old-who-is-way-too-quiet breaks.

This shot (above) makes me laugh because it truly captures how small this bathroom is. You can see the towel bar & the end of the counter in the mirror reflection.
The shower curtain is new-ish… I picked it up a few months ago from Goodwill, but it was still in the Target packaging. $10. I switched our toothbrush holder from a cream coffee mug to a mason jar, and the Q-tips are also in a little mason jar, switched from a crystal candle holder. I like easily washable containers for things like this in the bathroom because gunky bottomed containers I can’t clean totally gross me out. Especially when it holds something that I put in my mouth everyday (That’s what she said.).

Mather Bathroom Evolution:
22  DSC01326  DSC00685

Will also approves:
Apparently this bathroom is light saber wielding worthy…

Next on the list of improvements in this bathroom:
- A wall cabinet over the toilet for some extra storage. I’m thinking espresso color.
- artwork or some kind of wall d├ęcor above the towel bar
- Way down the line… new vanity, countertop, faucet, and flooring.

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