Thursday, August 2, 2012

Working Women

Sooo….it’s official.  And I mean OFFICIALLY official….Heather and I have become working moms.  No, not from this blog, or from our Etsy shops (which will both continue to rage on), but actually out THERE….in the WORLD….where people don’t put other people in timeouts or poop their pants (hopefully) or bite each other.  I should say where MOST people don’t do that.

Anyway, both of us gals understand that we are incredibly fortunate to have gotten the time at home with our kids that we did.  But there comes a time where the both of us realized that for the benefit of our family and our sanity, we needed to go back to work.  It’s funny because we always say that our lives are scarily similar even though we live so far away.  Our problems seem to either flip flop back and forth or mirror each other exactly. Like if one week my kid is going through something, chances are her kid will go through it the next week.  It’s bizarre.  So in this case, our finances and job status seemed to coincide where both of us started applying.

And let me first just start off by telling you the LUCK that we both had.  We are designers by trade, not just by nature.  We both went to school for it, immersed ourselves in it, and where we met was actually working a showroom floor.  We both understand the nature of a designer and that it is truly a luxury to have.  And with all these amazing blogs out there full of amazing DIY-ers, it’s just that easy for someone to say “what do I need a designer for?”  So when we started applying, really the last job we were expecting to get was a designer job.  Well LO AND BEHOLD if we both didn’t see, interview for, and GET Kitchen Designer jobs!!!  Seriously…we got them pretty much the same week.  And considering the economy, job market, and lack of design jobs, we find ourselves in extreme fortune to not only have gotten just jobs, but designer jobs.  And the showroom where we met?  It was a kitchen design showroom….so now the circle is complete.  The students have become the masters.  HAHA!

But there’s also our sad side. You know, the one where we realize that this means less time with our kids, less time for housework and cooking, and even less time with our spouses.  Mine is more of a retail position so I could, and will, be working some Saturday nights, Sundays, and sometimes full weekends.  Heather has a retail-ish schedule too, but they make daycare/school really work to their advantage, her husband is taking off opposite days that she is, which means they never get a day together all as a family unless someone takes an extra day off.  It’s a big shift, but we are ALL making it work. We have been talking about how schedules are going to change, and both the husbands realize that things have to change drastically for them, too.  They are going to have full days with the kids, and in those full days they WILL be required to cook/clean/organize/design/blog (oh…skip those last 2) and not just have a lazy day.  It’s going to be quite a change for all involved.

The good thing is (besides the obvious financial gain) is that our kids seem to be extremely adaptable.  Will has gone to a couple days of preschool (or day camp as it’s called in the summer) and according to Heather hasn’t wanted to come home.  Both my boys have been non-stop asking when they get to go to school.  As much as we think this shift will affect them, I think it definitely affects Heather and I much more.

So, this blog will continue on and we will continue to share our adventures around our house, home, and family….but perhaps from a little bit of a different perspective.  We are excited about the opportunities that await us and the new adventure that’s about to begin!


  1. Congratulations on the jobs!

  2. So excited for both of you! I know the boys will all do great. Sending big hugs and well wishes to both the mommies! Lani if you need any help on weekends let us know! We are normally around and I know Emma loves the boys. Heather, I would other for you too, but CA is a little far of a walk! Again so happy for both of you!

  3. Thanks for the congrats! It's an adjustment for all of us, but it's working... slowly but surely. Thanks for the offer, Jacqui. I'm sure Will would get along great with all the kiddos. We'll have to have a playdate next time we're out that way... :)


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