Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Li'l Sis' New Room

Back in December (Yikes! I'm just a tad slow posting this little makeover... I mentioned it back in January, here.) my little sister (She's not exactly little, since she's actually taller than me, but she's littler in years compared to me. She'll forever be 12 years old in my eyes even though she's only 8 years younger than me. I'll pause while you take your shoes off to calculate...) wanted to redo her bedroom. She started college, but was still living at home with the 'rents, so she was in desperate need of a more grown up look vs. the teal with polka dots that was in there. It's definitely a cute paint job, if I do say so myself, because I do. I did that for her when she moved into this room, which was my old room. Anyways... enough with the trip down memory lane. Let's get to work:

 Classic... painting & talking on the phone. That's my lovely sister, Cydney. First we did a nice coat of primer. Maybe we did 2 coats? I don't remember. We made sure to cover up the teal thoroughly. It's a pretty intense color, so we didn't want to chance it bleeding through our fabulously sophisticated new color.

 We painted the whole room Martha's Slipstream. Seriously, one of my favorite colors, ever. It's a slick slatey-grey-y-blue-y. A great change of pace for her! And might get stolen to paint my kitchen...
 We decided to spice the room up a little bit. It needed a little somethin'. So we I decided to paint a band around the room in Martha's Plum Wine.

 In the words of Rachael Zoe, I Die! How dreamy is that purpley color?! Martha has a great collection of purples that I want to use everywhere. Maybe if we have a little girl someday, her room will have some kind of purple stripes. I'm a purple lover. I thought I was the coolest kid around back in elementary school when I had a reversible comforter that was purple on one side and lavendar on the other. I also had one of those pillows that's like a half chair - thick back cushion and cushy arms for sitting on the floor, that was purple. And then hot pink sheets! I know. I'm oozing with coolness.
 Bam! Band complete! I waited a week before I painted the band because when we painted her room, it was rainy, so the paint wasn't drying quite as quickly as we had hoped. I didn't want to tape off the band & risk paint removal when the tape was removed because no one likes when that happens. And Will didn't need to hear the profanities that would inevitably come out of my mouth if that happened... as it is, I'm trying to break him of saying "Dangit!".

I used Lani's fabu trick for taping the band off, like she did in her Powder Bath - After you use a level & measuring tape & ruler & tape off your stripe, go over the edge with some Modge Podge. This will make sure that the tape seals to the wall cleanly and no paint will seep/drip in between your tape and the wall. The room is pretty small, I think it's 10'x11' or maybe 10'x10', so I managed to get away with using just a quart of the Plum Wine. I literally used every single drop in that can, but I managed to do 2 coats of it for even coverage.

 We just recently did the finishing touches of a little photo gallery. Well, we actually did it twice. I used the 3M Velcro-type stuff to hang the frames before, but was lazy/impatient & didn't let the strips sit w/o them attached to the wall for the allotted amount of time, so a few hours later, they all came crashing down one by one. Oops. Second time around, I did it the right way, with nails.
 See how crisp that line is?!
 Ah! Crooked frame! Ooops... I fixed it after the pics. So much for staging...
 Here's her desk area. She just re-accessorized it, too. What can I say? I've taught her well...

The color palette stemmed from the Marimekko Tilkkula Jewel bedding she picked up from Crate&Barrel. She also got a quilted reversible coverlet in navy and a silvery-grey-ish. We both liked Martha's Slipstream from the get-go for the whole room. We wavered on the color of the band. Her bedding arrived via UPS the say we were going to pick up supplies, do we pulled it out and I talked her into the Plum Wine for the band. There's a tiny hint of it in the sheets, so it's not overpowering at all. Her drapes Sanela in blue from Ikea. It's a deep teal cotton velvet. Perfect for blocking out sunlight & outside heat.

Do you help friends and family with their home projects? Or do you just barge in there and start without any real consultation, like I do? Ha! Do tell! We love to hear about your home projects as well as the ones you've imposed on those that you love. 

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