Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why using what you got on hand isn't always the best course of action...

Phew long title...but totally, 100% true.  So as I posted a little while ago...I finished this gah-orgeous lingerie chest for my bedroom

But the drawers of this beauty were gah-ross, so I definitely wanted to line them.  "No problem!!" I thought.  "Easy peasy!  I have everything I need on hand!  Mod Podge. Check! Some pretty wrapping paper!  Check! Foam brush.  No check....but a paint brush will do just Check!!"

Wrong.  So wrong.

This SHOULD have been easy and SHOULD have been a quick during nap project.  But using the wrong tools makes it way to long, frustrating, and you get sloppy.

First...the brush was waaaaayyyy to small so I had to get another on-hand item....just a nice little paintbrush.  I poured a little mod podge on (from the yellow bottle) and thought I was well on my way.

Now time to lay the paper...and where I started running into issues.  The wrapping paper I had was so cute...but just too thin.  As soon as I laid it in...the glue soaked right through the paper and I could not fudge the paper around to get it in place just perfect.  I measured the bottom of the drawer to cut out my piece...but the drawers are so old and warped that it was still a little off when I laid it in.  I should have/could have been more careful, but there was just no room for error, and I'm the kind of person that needs a LITTLE room for error.  So I ended up with this hot mess

Ok...on to plan "B" for using what I've got....scrapbook paper!  A little thicker...ALMOST the same depth (close enough), and I have 2 of everything so I could easily cover the width.  I found a cute little pattern and started in and got this

Not too shabby!!  Sort of.  My mod podge was old....VERY OLD.  The consistency was not quite right....the color was not quite why keep going, you may ask.  Because I'm stubborn, the kids were waking up, and I didn't want to spend money.  So this is what, like strike three? Four? I lost count.    Parts of my paper were not sticking to the wood because of this issue and were creating small little bubbles no matter how much time i took to smooth it out.  ARGH!!!  My beautiful chest was turning into a nightmare!!!  Yet I press on.

Which leads to my last and final strike.  My paper.  I have alot of pretty papers...but not enough that are coordinating and what I wanted.  I didn't need every drawer to match....but I would have liked them to flow.

I was almost crying.  I still kind of am, looking at these pictures.  So this is where I stopped.  I walked away.  It was the only thing to do. this isn't a complete loss.  I continued to smooth as the drawers were drying...and alot of the bubble actually came out.  The papers don't look ALL BAD together, and kind of creates a fun little vibe to the pretty little chest...and everything is fixable.  I plan on getting more glue...FRESH glue...some foam brushes...and some drawer organizers/dividers to mask a little of what I've done.  And I can always do this again in the future.  So, alot of time was wasted...but no real I guess that's a plus! 

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  1. Target and Meijer have cute contact paper. That's what I just recently used to line my drawers and it worked perfect!!


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