Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rearranging the Nursery

Have you guys noticed that I'm doing A LOT of rearranging in my house?  I feel like I'm constantly 2 steps behind these growing boys!  It seems like every month they are getting bigger/smarter/hungrier and I have to constantly change things up in the house to accommodate them!

Now that Jagger is walking and talking and being a big ol' kid, I thought that it was high time he deserved a room of his own (until I decide that the boys need to bunk together).  See, when he was born, I was having about 6 steady weeks of visitors coming to help me out.  So I needed a bed in his room (while he bunked with us in our room) so that those helpful people had a place to sleep.  And it seemed that the next year and a half was filled with constant visitors at one point or another...so that bed never left, and really, the room never got finished.

I always feel like I'm writing disclaimers to my pics....but here's the deal.  I don't fake my life.  So...what you see is what you get.  And a lot of the time...I got mess.  So you get mess.  Plus Hunter loved jumping on the bed and looking out the windows while I changed Jagger in the morning...so the bed never stayed made.  And I just don't fight certain things. 

So after moving the bed out and moving some stuff around...Jagger now has his own little room!  Hooray!  No more bunking with Mom and Dad when guests come!

Yup...laundry basket on the glider and drawer half open.  Keepin' it REAL.   And I'm super lazy.  And it's hard to stage and snap pics right before someones nap. I have some pretty good plans for this room...like adding some fun wall art, a little hamper...and maybe some other stuff...but not sure yet.  We have a whole basement that we've dedicated to the kids, so they don't much play in their rooms...although I wouldn't mind claiming some of that basement back for a craft room for me...so we'll see what happens.  Eventually, in maybe the next year, I would love to have the boys share this room (it's bigger with a walk in closet) and claim back Hunter's room as a guest/office/craft room.  Gotta do triple and sometimes quadruple duty in this house!  For now... I'm kind of excited to decorate Jagger's room....even though it's 18 months after he came into this world!  He'll like it....always fun new things to look at! 

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