Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Giggles

While Lani is dodging Mother Nature on the East Coast, we're dealing with a heat wave over here on the West Coast. We had it so good for so long with mild summer temperatures, which meant my el cheap-o self didn't even bring out our portable air conditioner until a couple weeks ago. And even still, I wait until we are sweating and breathing heavy while sitting before I turn it on.

But keeping a rambunctious 2.5 year old cooped up so we stay cool, is tough. He doesn't sit still for long, so there's only so many indoor activities I can do with him to keep him at bay. And going to the park to run out all of that boyish energy just isn't an option except before 10am or after 6pm, at best. I wish I could bottle up even a 1/4 of his energy and sell it. I'd be rich!

So here's how we've been keeping busy...

 I killed my tire (& needed a new set) by running over this giant bolt. While I got a new set of tires...
 Will read Toy Story and kept himself entertained on the iPad. Cheap entertainment because I only download free apps. Ha! Thank God I happened to grab it before walking out the door that day. I obviously had no idea we would end up at the tire shop that day...

 Sorry for the blurry phone pic. Make a last minute plan to dress your boys up in their Captain America gear to go see the movie! Will even brought his Cap Shield! Because, after all, you never know when Nazis will strike and you'll have to bust out your shield.
 Hit up Toys R Us, while refraining to purchase anything, we enjoyed the air conditioning and Will showed us how he already knows what a tricycle does, even though he doesn't have one & has never been on one...
 Oh, and apparently the kid can skateboard!? What the heck?!
 Although Home Depot isn't the coolest (temperature-wise) place to chill out, we definitely made our fair share of trips there in the last couple. I squealed with joy and drooled over all these lovely pots of Martha's new metallic paint! I'm dying to use maybe a lovely white gold as a glaze on my new white dresser waiting patiently for a makeover.

We have practiced our hand-eye-coordination by getting addicted to Fruit Ninja.
And gamed with dad, because it's so cool!
 Will won the award for falling asleep in super weird positions...
 We splashed around in the water & just sat like bumps on a log in it to keep cool. And also made Will a tad upset after going down the itty bitty water slide. Ha! What are parents for?!
 We also found a random teeny bench on our walk home from the lake. Of course we had to stop and take a seat. :)
Watermelon wedges! Summer isn't complete without burying your face in a watermelon wedge!

Watermelon wedges put a smile on everyone's face!

Of course you have to play cars on the window sill.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the stresses of adult life. Bills that need to be paid, budgets to stick to, dinners to make, work to do, a house to keep, etc. There's no doubt that sometimes, being a grown up isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes we need to just get on our kiddos' level and partake in the joy of life's simple pleasures. Take advantage of the last glimpses of summer! Do you have any creative, inexpensive activities that you love do to? Do share! 

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