Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dining Room Complete!

Well folks, after many late nights and a hurricane, we have finally completed our dining room!  And I couldn't be more pleased!!  Like I said in this last post, this was the first "real" design thing that we have done, besides painting.  Meaning we've never touched a power tool really.  I mean...we barely have even hung anything on our walls.  But I think we did a fantastic job.  Again....thanks to our neighbor and good friend Shaun for allowing us to borrow tools and teaching us a BUNCH!

First...this is where we left off.  We had just put up the baseboards.  Then the next night we moved onto the 3" header and the door casing.  This is actually plan "C" for the door because I really didn't want to mess with moving an electrical outlet or we had to work around it.  We ended up using the 2" vertical boards that we were using for the battens (vs something with a little more fance) and it actually worked out really well because it looked just like another batten.

Look at my studly husband, all using power tools and doin' stuff...

Again....these were all taken at I apologize for all the crazy white balancing....or lack there of, I should say.  Anyway...just to break up the monotony of all the boards...we added 2 little rosettes to the corners...which Sonny likes because they remind him of a certain part of my body....and it's not my feet...

Cute, right?  Next came the header that went around the room...which we had looooooong discussions about.  See, we have a thermostat on the wall...and if we went above the thermostat, the little ledge just seemed to high, and if we went below the thermostat it just felt really squatty.  So what was our solution?  Nope...not to move little work as possible.  We decided to go right through it. perfect is it that the thermostat is pretty much the same width as the boards.  You'll see in the final pics how awesome this turned out.  Sonny and I keep patting ourselves on the back.  Not only did we manage to make it easy and actually disguises the thermostat a little so it's not like we're highlighting this great architectural feature in our home (sarcasm).  Oh...and here's a pic of our finished corner solution that I talked about in the previous post:

Just a recap...we sawed the miter off the existing, short baseboards and just cut a straight cut on the new one.  We couldn't get it to look right by mitering the bottom half of the new boards and leaving the top half straight (since they are bigger), so this was the best option.  And really doesn't look bad.  It does in this pic because everything is still lets continue.  Next up was my job...the detail work.  All the caulking and the spackling and all the stuff I started to curse after an hour in.  I hated it.  The caulking was the WORST. But it was totally worth it.  Check's the before...not caulked.


Awwww..It's so clean and not gappy and wonderful! I just wanna hug it! it is!!  All the touch up has been done....and the furniture is without any further ado....

TA DAAAAA!!!!!!!

{Yes's 80 in the house...but I turned on the AC.....}

Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!  Almost as gorgeous as that little bump on a log to the right of the picture above.  Look at him.  He's such a bump when it comes to Mickey Mouse.  Now look back at the dining room.  It's FAB!!!!  There are obviously a few more things that we want to do, like get a new light fixture, paint the kitchen so the orange isn't clashy (although I loooooove that orange...sigh), hang some pictures/mirrors/art and possibly recover the seat cushions (Sonny doesn't know that one yet...shhhhh!!).  I also want to paint that dresser/buffet there. don't think of that cream and gold trim? Isn't just perfect?  Me neither.

Since this is the sore thumb in the room, its definitely the next project to be done!  So let's hear your suggestions on the perfect complementary color!  Should I go the same color as the wall (the aqua)? Should I go a grey...either a deep moody slate, or perhaps a light blue/grey?  Or how about white? Will that blend to much.  Or Heather's suggestion...a yummy yellow much like the lingerie cabinet in my bedroom?  Let's hear it y'all!  And let's leave off with one last look at the whole one of Jagger walking.  Yup...17 months to the day he decides to walk...about dang time!  And you gotta love that it looks like he's doing a little jig...


  1. Looks great! I have become a board and batten junkie and have added it in, um, THREE areas of my home to date. Love the color too - so fresh and pretty against the board and batten. Well done!

  2. Great job! I love that you were able to add new baseboards and they look okay butting up to the existing ones. I think painting the little dresser a pretty yellow would look really good! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. :)

    Heather~At The Picket Fence

  3. It is gorgeous! Love your aqua wall color and was wondering if you would share the name/brand? I too am an aqua lovin' gal! ~Deb~

  4. Hi Deb!
    Thanks for stopping by. The wall color is Martha Stewart's Rainwater. We have a not-so-secret obsession with her paint colors over here. :)


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