Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Target Dollar Bin Strikes Again!!!

You guys must know by now that Heather and I love love love the Dollar Spot at Target.  It's the area at the front of the store that has bins of stuff that about a dollar.  Yeah, some stuff is like $2...sometimes $3....but still.  The point is fun stuff for good deals!

As we were cruising through the other day I spotted these cute magazine holders.  I didn't know what I'd do with them...but you can't go wrong with something that keeps clutter at bay and is only a buck.  I always have my magazines laying around on the kitchen counter, or coffee table, or couch, or pretty much anywhere because I totally hoard mags.  I also was having a hard time finding places for the recipes that I tear out of mags.  So these little holders were perfect little solutions to keep everything corralled in one place.

And I started a little system where if I put a magazine in, then one must go out.  I am notorious for having magazines over a year old in this house.  Look out for me on hoarders....I'll be the one with Rachael Ray's and Instyles piled up to use as stairs.

Look how nice everything is all happy in their new home!  And they are perfect for the loose recipe pages.  It's nice to not have to keep moving piles around to try and make things look neat.  And after I make a recipe..if it's a keeper it goes in the recipe binder and if it's just a one timer it goes in the recycling bin.  I love my new little simple system.  It's basic, cheap, and it works!  And you can't deny the cuteness of these little holders!

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