Monday, September 24, 2012

Stripey stripes

I love that all of my most recent posts are mainly “Hey, I told you about this months ago, but never finished it until now.”  Hey…that’s like my life motto!
So bedroom curtains.  I showed you how I painted these here…but it took awhile to get around to hanging them for sure!  With me going back to work, Craig and I are certainly tired at the end of the day…but we made time on a Sunday to make sure we got this done.  Since both of us are busier than ever now, we have definitely dedicated ourselves to 2 things…the family and the house.  So after having an awesome morning taking the kids to our favorite breakfast spot, they went to nap and we got busy hanging stuff!  Here’s our bedroom window a la cart:
I sort of regret getting blinds…but c’est la vie.  they always look off…
I mean there’s not much to say about hanging curtains.  I think Craig and I have been out of it for awhile because we both agreed that it took us WAY too long to do this task…but here’s the final result!
I REALLY like them.  They were a little stiff when we put them up…put since they’ve been up for awhile they have actually softened.  The air has gotten cool enough to where we can open the windows at night, which seriously tops my all time favorites list, right next to Rita’s water ice, cartoons, and my kids. I hated keeping the window open in this room, though, because my neighbors behind us keep their porch light on all night and it shines RIGHT IN MY EYES.  But…with these curtains now….it’s GLORIOUS!  It’s dark, cool, and I’m in sleep heaven.DSC_0132
Also loving on how the black looks pretty solid from far away…but it still lets some nice light in during the day
Craig likes it too….he’s tired from curtain hanging.  I told you, we are busy peeps now.  Sometimes I feel like we are always on the move and rarely resting…so it’s nice to see him rest in our new room (although I did holler at him after taking this pic to clean up the drill and trash and THEN take a nap)DSC_0137
What’s left to do in this room?  A LOT.  On the top of the list are a better side table for Craig, a vanity side table for me, art on the walls, and figure out if I really want this bedding or not.  But I’m really loving all the awesome changes that are happening!

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