Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin in a Half Shell

It all starts with a Pin. I’m trying to bridge the gap between pinning a billion ideas I don’t have time to make and actually making the stuff I’ve pinned… trying being the key word…
Call me crazy, but I’m also trying to actually peruse through and quite possibly read the plethora of magazines I get delivered to my house every month. They pile up and I don’t read them and Hubby gets rather annoyed by it. Ha! The good thing is that my favorite time of year is upon us, which means I really like all of the warm and cozy articles in the the latest issues arriving to mi casa!
I got pinspired by a little morsel of fun in a recent Rachael Ray magazine:

In the effort of time and simplicity, I thought I would strip this incredibly cute idea down to it’s basic principle…
I picked up some materials at Joann’s:
- Wood slice - ($9.99 + 40% off coupon = $5.99)
- Decorative pumpkin made of Styrofoam = $4.99

Plus the stuff I already had:
- hot glue gun
- foam hot glue sticks
- steak knife

Use the steak knife to cut the pumpkin in half. I picked a pumpkin with a little more character, instead of the run of the mill orange. I liked the multicolored look. I can always paint it down the road… or bedazzle it, or draw a face on it, glitter it… oh the possibilities!

I attached a d-ring hanger to the back of the plaque. I grabbed a couple of different length screws to make sure I got one that wasn’t too deep. The teeny one did the trick. Hang it on the wall.

DSC00807Badabingbadaboom! Pretty cute, right?

DSC00818Here it is happily hanging above the sink in my kitchen.


Not too shabby for a 5 minute craft. It took me and Will longer to find the right sized pumpkin and wood plaque than it did to put together! You could make a collage of them on the wall with other a gourd variety! Line them up down the hall wall! Paint them metallic copper and let the rustic wood plaque stand out. So much fun! I’m thinking I’ll grow this little gourd collection every year, and by then we’ll have a bigger place to display a collage on a dining room wall or something fancy.



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