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When your kiddos graduate from being an infant to a toddler and then into a real human child that talks back to you and has an opinion, you think the firsts are over. You would be wrong. Sometimes they aren’t all rainbows and unicorns… But they are still pretty big milestones, nonetheless, and I would be really sad if I wasn’t there for most of them. I could’ve stayed home for some.
Sit back, relax, because you just might learn something!

First trip to the dentist. Tip #1 – don’t wait until after your child’s 3rd birthday to go… Dentists want you to take your kiddo when they first start getting teeth for a good reason… We brush Will’s teeth pretty regularly, but who knew you should be flossing a wiggly toddler’s teeth?! Not us! Guess who he had SEVEN cavities?! Shameful… #ParentFail

If you are in the South Orange County area, take your kids to see Dr. Sarah! They have a crazy cool office:
IMG_20120822_104345That’s the waiting room! There’s a giant tree and a tiger and TONS of video games and regular games and toys to keep these kids busy. She’s the dentist and her husband is the orthodontist. One stop shop! Love it. The staff has been so great.

2012-08-22 11.01.331st x-rays… of the teeth. These are so cool and digital now. She pushed the button and we could see his teeth right away. He sat pretty still considering I know how uncomfortable that thing is to hold in your mouth. Ouch!

That first dentist appointment was followed by two cavity filling visits. First Cavity(ies) definitely falls on the list of firsts I could’ve stayed home for…
IMG_20120912_101927They have the kids wear sunglasses during their exams and procedures because the light in your face is kind of bright. But HELLO! How fun is that?! The little pink nozzle for his laughing gas was bubble gum flavored. Will was cool as a cucumber since he got to lay there and watch Cars. Oh yeah, they have TVs mounted to the ceiling so the kids sit even more still during their exams! Will got to pick the movie that played for the whole office. I really wish Dr. Sarah treated adults.

But lesson learned in the teeth-care department. Brushing isn’t enough, especially if your kiddos’ teeth are really close together. Will only had 1 cavity we could see, the rest only showed up because she did the x-rays. They were all in between his teeth. So now we get at least two brushings in (morning & before bed), plus flossing with these little picks, and mouthwash. The mouthwash was tricky, but he’s got it down now. We’ve also toned down the fruit snacks, fruit leathers, and apple juice a lot. All of those are major cavity culprits. If there was something else we could’ve been doing wrong, we probably were… Definite repeat offenders on the cavity-causing list.

On a happier note…
First Day Of Preschool:

We are lucky enough to be able to walk to school, so we do…
2012-08-28 17.42.30Up hill, both ways, in the snow… Winking smile

First trip to the Emergency Room:

I know… looks are definitely deceiving. This happy kid is actually sitting in an ER exam room. That visit was quickly followed by another first…
IMG_20121003_155200First broken bone.
See that split down the middle of the top bone in his middle finger? Yep. Broken.

IMG_20121003_162909So he gets to wear a comically large splint on his finger for 3 weeks. We are about half way through that time frame. Thankfully I can take it off and re-wrap his finger, but even after a day, that finger get so smelly! I cannot imagine how rank a cast will be. Oh yes, not that I’m trying to curse my kid, but I have a feeling that this will be the 1st of many broken bones or body parts in casts or braces or some kind of wraps. He’s just too crazy!

There you have it. Some pretty expensive firsts happening in our house over the last few weeks! It’s all part of the grand scheme of life, though. Definitely lots of entries into his baby book, too.

I had a broken finger in elementary school so when Will’s finger was getting more swollen and more black & blue, I knew it was probably broken, but that’s the only thing I’ve ever broken. Hubby, surprisingly for how crazy he was, has never broken a bone. A broken bone doesn’t always mean you’ll be screaming and flailing around in pain… now if bone is sticking out through your skin… ew.

Have your kids gotten any broken bones? Or busted teeth? Maybe that was you when you were a kid and you’re scared of your kid being your payback?


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  1. Glad he is doing well. Love the happy face at the ER!


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