Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blue Bathroom

This has been, like, a month in the making!!  Remember last month when I threw those swatches up on my bathroom wall? (You can see more of that process HERE.)
{lighting is awful on this pic}
[Swatch colors - Top row, Left to Right: Yellow Magnolia, Gabardine, Cement Gray. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Rattan, Salvia, Zinc. All are Martha Stewart paint colors.]
Well I finally got on the schtick and painted it!!!  Here she is now…in all her dark, dark blue glory!
So if you don’t recall…I asked Craig which swatches he liked…THINKING he was going to pick a certain on…and he ends up picking the blue (aka Martha Stewart's Gabardine).  Not the one I wanted.  He got frustrated and, to paraphrase, “Why do you even ask, you’re going to do what you want anyway!”  Awwww….so…feeling bad….I went with the color he wanted.  At first I thought I made a HUGE mistake….but….I have to admit….it’s definitely growing on me.  I think it looks so good with the paint in the bedroom, and in the daytime it adds the right amount of richness, while at night it provides the perfect “goodnight” moody atmosphere.
There’s still a few things that need to be done (besides the obvious decluttering!).  You can see in the pic above that I moved the small cabinet in between the vanities.  I actually like this little fix because that empty space was just a dust collector.  It’s supposed to be a vanity, but it’s a 36” high top and just feels super awkward to me as a vanity.  If it was dropped lower, that’d be a different story.  But since we do this here on a budget and like to “work what you got,” getting a new countertop right now or buying a new cabinet just isn’t happening right now. Anyway…we want to paint the cabinets AND that center piece, and we want to frame out the mirror.  Maybe in a cool grey stain.  Ooooo!  One thing we have to do tout suit is get a window covering for this window.  right now we are giving the world a nice little show everyday
I’m thinking frosting the window and doing a pretty window treatment.  (Actually already made the window treatment, mis-measured, so frosting is a MUST.  ha!) Also have to put stuff up on those walls!!!  Get it done!!!  Overcome fears!!  yup…I’m actually dedicated to decorating this room!
Spoiler alert: pot shot ahead.  Don’t mine the cleaning products on the back of the toilet…Changes are coming!
You may have noticed all the lights out in our lighting fixture…and the main reason for that is I hate this light fixture so much that I am refusing to spend the money on light bulbs.  I’d rather put that money towards a new fixture.  Seriously…hate hate hate it.
Also hate this one…I like to call this our crack light.  It’s dingy and awful and make me feel like I’m living in a dirty place not suitable for children or adults.  This is getting replaced too, because this is the light that Craig like to use the most.  Ug.  It’s seriously ugly and gives off the worst light.
Lots of stuff still to be done, but I’m really loving the way the paint totally changes the room throughout the day.  I just can’t wait until it’s all DONE!!!!


  1. Love the color. With you on the lights. We replaced all the builder lights the first year!

  2. I love the four blues and greys! Could you pleaes tell me what they are? Thanks!!

    1. Here's the post on the process for picking the paint color:

      It looks like from Left to right top row: Martha Stewart's Yellow Magnolia, Gabardine, Cement Gray.
      The bottom row: Rattan, Salvia, and Zinc.



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