Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Green with Envy

Green living room. Check!
DSC09285There’s your instant gratification pic, and here’s how it all went down. The story of how the green came to be. I know, you cannot stand the anticipation.
Last I told you, I was having trouble deciding on a color. Here’s a glimpse of the madness that was on three of our walls during the decision process:
Painting the Living Room Green
Sorry about the camera phone pics… but you get the idea. Madness. Will thought I was just going to paint these lovely mosaic swatches like polka dots all over the wall. He was quite distraught watching us paint over them. Ha!
My gut said green even though my Pinterest board was telling me otherwise. My gut really said Martha Stewart’s Bay Leaf which is the top row, 2nd from the left, but it looked minty on our wall. So after writing this post about picking a color, I mixed my own color. Bay Leaf was the right lightness and Behr’s Moss Landing was the right tone. I mixed them together to get the green on the top row, 3rd from the left, in the 3rd pic. You following me?
I’m good with color, and I knew what I wanted, it just wasn’t happening with the out-of-the-can samples. Once I put that one on the wall, I was sold. Perfecto!
So I painted a wood paint stir stick really well with my custom color & took it to Home Depot for them to color match. I also too advantage of their $5 off a gallon of paint Memorial Day sale. Woot!
After my favorite paint guy ribbed me, asking me “You aren’t here for more tester samples, are you?!”, he mixed my color with expert precision. He didn’t get it quite right the 1st time and added to it to get my color.

Then on a random Wednesday night, Hubby suggested we just get to it. We have the tools, supplies, and paint. Will was in bed. Let’s just get crackin!
2012-05-30 22.18.56So we did. Two coats of Behr’s Paint+Primer in one and we were done with one side of the room for the night. I was a little worried about the paint+primer in one’s ability to cover my medium toned walls, but decided to risk it. That paint rolls on like buttah. No bleed through at all. Woot for a step (and money) saved!

Before I dazzle you with the glamour shots, here are some before and afters:
Painting the Living Room Green-001
Painting the Living Room Green-002
Whole new living room, right?!
It is the contrast we needed. The sofa looks better, the bookcase looks better, all of my frames and art on the walls pop. Hubby even likes my wood slice mirror on the bookcase wall now. He wasn’t on board before.

And now for the After photo dump:
DSC09298  DSC09297
Hubby and Will picked up some new pillows at Target on clearance. Picture on the left, pillow on the far left is new for $13.98. Picture on the right, pillow on the far left was $17.98. I love both of them. And I love it when my boys pick me up some surprises!

And this is my favorite spot:

I’m glad that the wall color I’ve been thinking about for the last 10 months is finally on the walls. I’m definitely glad the painting is over, enough though it wasn’t that big of a deal to do, except for moving furniture. Amazing what a couple of cans of paint can do!

In the last week that this room as been painted, I’ve stayed up late working on various projects or even just reading. Green really is more energizing! Which is exactly what you need in a living room! Thank you college color psychology class! Maybe green walls will help generate some green in my wallet too… A girl can only hope



  1. Hulk GREEN! I'm loving the new color. Definitely adds pop to your living room. Great job chica.

  2. Looks amazinggggggg! Even better in person :)

  3. I'm not one who would probably go with green as a wall color... but that looks awesome. It goes with everything and brightens it!

    1. Thanks Stephine! I'm usually a teal girl, but we have acquired a lot of green in our house and I'm loving it. It totally brightens everything. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Color is green! Maybe give your frames more cohesiveness by making them all the same color instead of the so many different colors. White or brown would match/contrast with your couch and chair.


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