Monday, April 2, 2012

Quilting Bee

In continuing on with doing my bedroom, I have been on the hunt for a quilt.  I have never been a quilt type person, but being that it’s almost summer and our down comforter is not going to really be an option…I’m putting the duvet on hold in favor of lighter dressings.  My problem is I CANNOT find one that I like.  So….I’ve decided to make one!  EEE!!!  Lets take another look at my in progress bedroom


I have since cleaned it up…just apparently have not taken an updated picture.  I apologize.  I really need to get more organized….

So I’ve always thought of quilts as really cottage style and that’s never been my thing…but for some reason I’m loving (and pinning) more and more cottage-esque interiors.  That’s another great thing about Pinterest….you start looking at your pins and saying “Why the heck am I pinning THIS?  I thought that I was all about THAT.”  Voila…you realize your design taste is evolving.  Granted I’m totally still into the geometrics and clean lines…but maybe with three boys in the house I’m feeling a little femininity is essential.  Just look at some of the things that I’m loooooving

Love the fabric on the headboard and foot board (Sarah Richardson)

Sarah Richardson is my home decor icon.

Cottage bedroom.

The floral pillows are my bedding, I would love the coral pillow and headboard to go with it!!

Of course Sarah Richardson is in the mix (the top 2)…but check out all the florals too, what?  I hate florals!  Or I thought I did anyway.  But I guess its creeping into my life based on my previous projects…


Really who knew?

So…back on track here….I am totally into the whole quilt thing, yet I still want something a bit geometric and modern.  I found this…which I’m totally sold on doing!  It’s modern, but will look great mixed with some floral pillows on the bed or even some chevron (yes I still love it) or other geometrics too! (click the pic for source)


Don’t you love it?  I’m even digging the general color scheme.  In fact…these are the “maybe” fabrics I’ve chosen



Thinking of switching up the yellow and the blue on the original pattern.  But the best part is, depending on how you turn these blocks…you can make all different kinds of patterns!

How cool is this?  I’m really excited to get started in making it.  I’m not 100% sold on the colors/patterns…not sure if I just want to keep everything gray or what…but I plan on adding bold accents on the bed pillows like a huge pattern black and white chevron, and definitely throwing in some pinks and aquas.  Trust me…I can see it coming together in my head.  I think.  Smile  It may take me a few tries!  If you guys have any tips and tricks on sewing a quilt I’d love the help!  This will be my second….but the biggest!  The first was for my nephew and I thought that was huge!  King size should be interesting!


  1. Love the idea. I am hoping to start working on the quilt that I had people write on squares for the little one before she was born!!!

  2. I'm finding myself drawn to quilts lately, too! But I only really like the geometric/more modern ones like the one you're making.

  3. You are so creative, I can't wait to see how it turns out! Keep posting updates!


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