Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Itch

I've got the itch... again. As usual, Lani and I have about a million projects that need to be finished or pulled out of our ever project-creating minds, and today is no exception, but we've both been blindsided by sickness, both in ourselves and our snot nosed kids... so of course, things are on hold...  So while chatting with my buddy at work - because I'm so fancy at my 3-day-a-week job now... I got an idea!

You might remember Hubby and I reorganizing Will's room last year:

Well, now we're getting more into books. I picked up one of my absolute FAVORITE books of all time for a friend's new baby on the way, and Will wanted to read it, so we did. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. CLASSIC! I even had him help me, by pointing to different things and asking him "What color is this?" or "What animal is this?" and he'd fill in the blank of the story. It was a blast. And guess what I kept from mine & my sisters' childhood?! Our ridiculously thorough collection of kids' books, but most importantly, the Dr. Seuss.

Now, that lovely little cubby storage is getting jam packed with toys, puzzles, and some miscellaneous books. I think Will needs a little reading corner in his room. A spot where we can plop down while we wind down for the day, and read a book or two, or three if I'm feeling extra generous... but also a spot where he can plop down on his own and read his books.

[Insert the DIY project to be done here]:

This awesome little installation has been done a billion and one times all over the blogosphere.
This particular one is from Domestic Simplicity. Ikea "spice racks" at $3.99 a pop, mounted on the wall, making a perfect little book shelf where your little munchkin can see exactly what books he has on hand... Maybe spray paint them a fun color and you've got your own little take on them! I think this needs to happen in the little dude's room, along with a little furniture rearrangement. Will got a kick-butt train table for Christmas, so I think maybe it's time to wiggle his room around. We'll see what I can accomplish this weekend while Hubby is at work after a trip to my "storage unit"...aka Mom & Dad's garage... ;)

Been doing any rearranging or reorganizing lately? Are you chomping at the bit to freshen things up for spring, but maybe you can't quite wait until spring has sprung? I know I am...

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  1. Love the idea. We are a bit from that but I might give it a try.


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