Friday, February 17, 2012

Organizing, The Martha Way

You know how we love everything Martha Stewart. I'm sure you're thoroughly tired of us declaring our love for her, but you know what? She's a marketing genius (or at least the team she's built is full of them, for her...), & she's done it again!

While I was cruising my favorite blogs today, I saw Jen over at I Heart Organizing talking about Martha's new line of organizational products at Staples. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Good luck peeling me away from the Staples website anytime soon... Who's got two thumbs and will be stopping there ASAP?! THIS GIRL!

One problem Martha just solved in my house:
I know. Your mind is blown. These are plastic and stick to your wall or inside your cabinet doors so they are out of sight, out of mind, when you need them to be. But then it's Saturday night, you've been cleaning & doing chores & running around, let's just order pizza... Instead of rummaging through the ridiculously too-tiny junk drawer for the pizza place's phone number & coupon, YOU OPEN YOUR CABINET and is slaps you in the face because it's so dang easy to find.
Am I a little too excited about this? Probably.
$6.99 for the biggest pocket that's 12"x10.25"
Of course if the Martha blue isn't your thing, she's got you covered... you can get clear.

And if you're too fancy for the clear plastic:
These are pretty cute, too. I might have to mix and match.

My other absolute favorite thing she's got:
Chalkboard Labels?! With cute flourish designs?! Yep. She did it. Two sizes, $5.99 for a 12 pack. Your welcome.

And these:
Adorable Printable Kraft Paper Labels for all your old-granny-canning-needs. And you know I've got a lot of those needs!

Can it get any better?! Hold onto your hat... IT CAN!
Here's a 30% off coupon you can print out! WOOT!
But hurry! It expires tomorrow!

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