Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It’s a TV Top “Fantle”

Yup…I used it.  I used the word Fantle.  As in faux mantle…as if you all didn’t know that already.  Guaranteed my sister didn’t…so that was purely for her!
Anywhooooo, I decided that this year I would decorate the little box that I stare at when I’m not staring at my two little dudes.  They are the best entertainment ever…except most of the time I’m making sure no one is punching anyone.  Yeah…they are definitely getting to that stage.  The only good thing is they both think it’s hilarious when the other slaps them in the face…soo…I guess that’s good?  I dunno…I don’t know how to parent that so I just yell “NO HITTING!!!”
Anyhoo again!  TV top…here she is:
She’s cute!  Sorry again about the noisy picture…I always seem to be taking these at night after those hitting people go to bed.  I continued my candy colored scheme into the back of the house, just to a lesser extent.  There are definitely going to be more natural elements and whites back here being that my walls are in the orange family back here.  I still have the old décor waiting to be transformed, hence the seemingly random squares and boxes back there….they DID used to make sense in the room.
See?  They make no sense now..so let’s just do some close-ups.
My little beads that are going on being 6 years old.  I love them…they say “hey look at me…I’m trying to be classy.”  HA!  Trying.  This guy below is my favorite thing ever.  When my dad retired, my parents went on an 11 week vacation driving all around Europe.  Must be nice, eh?  In Germany, they got me this handcrafted wooden nutcracker. I LOVE him…I know he’ll be in our family forever.
Just another close-up view from the other side!  I also incorporated my little nut balls that I used in my fall décor.  I think they bring a nice little natural element, no?
So there’s my little fantle!  The only thing I really have left to decorate is our tree…and then I can rest (for a day) until it’s on to making Christmas presents!!  Phew…is the season over yet?  Because I feel like I’ve been working hard to only have this up for 3 more weeks!

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