Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Cake Stand

I just wanted to share with you guys a little thing I did awhile ago. It has found its way to become my supremely favorite decorating piece through Thanksgiving and now Christmas.  DIY cake stands have been seen all over Pinterest and the blogosphere, so I thought I’d try to make my own.  After a jolly good time at the local Goodwill one day, I got these 2 little beauties (along with a few other things…including a totally cute blazer for $1..but that’s another story)
I found the candle holder for .50 Cent (monetarily, not the rapper), and that was because it was 50% off red and yellow tags day.  HOLLA!  So I immediately headed to the plates to find one that fit perfectly.  This plate was almost MADE for this holder.  They completely nest together.  And believe it or not, that plate is worth a little bit of money.  It’s an AVON commemorative plate that sales people got and I found unboxed on Ebay for $25 and boxed for about $100!  Crazy right?  Well…I paid $1.99 for mine, and figured I’d help drive the price up by making them rarer and went ahead with my initial plans.
Just look how well they fit?  How could I ever break them up?  I apologize for the totally noisy picture.  Lighting was awful.  So I had no choice but to use flash in the next photo.
SO, all I did was use Gorilla glue (we were out of my super favorite crazy glue….I love it cuz it’s crazy) and glued those suckers together.  Then, I took it out to the garage and gave it about 5 or 6 coats of really light coverage each time spray paint in satin white.  Seriously.  I am the most impatient person so doing that many coats was killing me…but it covered the design on the plate so perfectly, there were NO drips, and it looks like one killer piece.  Here it is on my drink station for the Christmas season
I know I know!!!! Isn’t it great!?!? It’s like…a whole new thing!  I also used it on my Thanksgiving table here.  It is truly my favorite decorating piece to date!  And so easy for only $2.50?  It really can’t be beat!

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