Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I feel like we’re on a roll & so ahead of the game this year. I’m really hoping I can keep it up! We made a whole Christmas Day extravaganza out of a visit to Santa, some delicious lunch at The Habit, & a trip to pick out our tree. Will has been especially excitable this year because he’s 2.7 years old now (Yeah. .7 Do the math.). He gets it. We’ve been watching all of the delightful holiday movies on ABC Family, & he just gets it. It’s the absolute best when elf-culture runs through your veins, like mine. Is there sugar in syrup? Then, YES!

So while getting ready to go see Santa, Hubby & I were prepping Will for what was going to happen.
Us: You’ll sit on Santa’s lap & take a picture. And then he’ll ask you what you want for Christmas. What are you going to tell him?
Will: Um… a puppy. A white puppy, like Pepper (Lani’s dog).
Us: Ummm… what about toys?
Will: Yeah. And a puppy. A little white Pepper puppy.

Seriously?! It starts this early!? Where did he even get the idea to ask for a puppy for Christmas?! I didn’t start that until I was in middle school. Anyways, the visit to Santa was weird. First of all, we go see the same Santa because he is the best Santa. It wasn’t the same Santa it’s been for the passed several years & he is the best, so I was a little irritated. And Will was not that into it. No smiling for the camera. He tripped over Santa’s massive boots, & it was kind of weird.

At least I got a half smile. Hard to beat last year’s Santa visit:


Next is was time to get our tree. Good ol’ trusty Home Depot was our stop.

DSC02171 DSC02173
My boys expertly picking out our tree & checking for freshness.

We got it home & decorated it while we watched Phineas & Ferb’s Christmas Vacation special. There was only one casualty in having a toddler help hang ornaments, but the antlers on Pluto have always been very fragile & he’s a few years old. I guess Will isn’t totally to blame, & it’s nothing a little super glue won’t fix…
And then it was time to put the star/snowflake on the top…
Tree 2011
Keep your eye on the price…stretch, stretch…precariously hold my baby up high… And ta-da! Will was SO excited to help put the most important ornament on the tree!

The child not wanting to be bothered by me…

DSC02200I love that we were able to find a tall skinny noble fir. It’s always such a task because we only have so much space & if it’s thinner, it doesn’t take up our whole living room. This one clears the closet door, no problemo! Yay!

It’s officially Christmastime now that our house smells like cinnamon pinecones & noble fir.


  1. ♥ Your holiday decor. Can't wait to come over and see your tree! You always decorate your home so lovely!

  2. Looks great! Our Santa visit/photo wasn't as great as last year either...but we ended up with a classic photo at least. I guess I need to get around and post it. Hope to get together soon! -Jess

  3. Oh I am for sure featuring this next week- I LOVE the picture of your son putting the ornament on the tree! Thanks for linking up:)


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