Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Card Display

T Minus 2 days until the fat man comes down our chimney… Well, I guess down our fake chimney because we don’t have a fireplace. I imagine it happens like it does on The Santa Clause movie & one magically appears just for him. Or maybe he just comes through the front door because he’s a civilized Santa. We better get crackin’ on making some sugar & chocklick cookies for him, since that’s what Will told him he’s getting.

I’m always on the lookout for a cute/easy way to display our Christmas cards. I love seeing all of my friends’ cute faces all month long, so having them out where I can see them makes me happy. And as we all know… When momma’s happy… she bakes! or cans, or just is happier in general. Winking smile

So… I got this idea while telling my friend how to display her work cards, which is a twist on how the other office in her building displays them.


I grabbed the twine I had leftover from my felt ornaments and my “be merry” banner, I picked up some of these adorable teeny tiny clothespins from Paper Source ($2.50 for 25!), and the last of some ribbon I had leftover from my snowball wreath. Oh, and some 3M Command hooks that I always have a stockpile of because I used them a lot, especially around the holidays. I think there are at least 10 all around the house hanging festive things for me. I love them!

In the spirit of keepin’ it real around here, this is what it looks like post holiday party clean up…
Extra cookies, platters, plates, cups, the adorable striped straws I picked up at Paper Source too… But doesn’t the banner look cute? It’s in the perfect spot, too. Right by the food… So you grab a snack & take a gander at all the happy faces.

Here’s a little behind the scenes. 3M hook, tied the twine on the little hook & I left a little tail of twine so I could loop that through the back of the bow to keep it on there. It literally took my 5 minutes to put this up. In the amount of time it took Hubby to take out the trash & get the mail, this was up.


How do you display your cards? Last year I taped them to the wall in a tree shape. I like this much better, and it doesn’t look weird when you only have 4 cards taped on the wall.



  1. Love your Christmas card holder!! Came out fabulous.

  2. So cute. I do something similar and hand then from ribbon off the half wall between our kitchen and family room.


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