Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh holy craziness

HELLO crazy busy weekend with a crazy busy week following it!!  I supposed that’s why neither Heather or I got around to posting anything yesterday.  It’s been CAH-RAZY!  Heather and I both hosted parties at our houses on Sunday, and we both attended parties on Friday, plus family activities on Saturday, plus mad cooking and baking and crafting and dashes to the crowded post office….phew!!!  Here’s just a look at my weekend to share with you the madness that was the Ariani household:
First, Sonny and I had a fun party to go to!  Hooray for parents night out!  We love this party because it is hosted by a neighborhood friend and we could literally walk there.  COULD.  However…I wasn’t about to walk to far in the shoes I was wearing…
Then Saturday night we took a trip to my favorite place, Johnson’s farm.  I’ve talked about it for pumpkin picking and apple picking, but for Christmas they have a fantastic lighted hayride, a full playground that is surrounded by lights, and of course….SANTA!!!  It’s fantastic!  Just look at Hunter’s face!  And that’s my little niece, Mia.  She loved it too!  It was cold, but oh so magical!
I was freezing my nards off.  I think some might have mistaken me for a hobo with my fingerless gloves, hat, scarf, jacket, and blanket.  All I needed was a shopping cart…does a stroller count? 
Most of Sunday was running around like crazy people with holiday themed headbands on.  Yes…I bought my boys headbands from the dollar section that are probably made with girls in mind…but they love them and have fun…so who cares?
Oh yeah…and those are ladybug wings hanging off of Jagger.  In my defense they were a favor at a girls party we went to, I didn’t buy them, and he just loves those as well.  What are you gonna do…he likes playing dress up.  And that’s pretty much the face he has whenever he is having good imaginary time (wink to Heather!), so it’s FINE BY ME. 
And finally Sunday night…it was SANTA PARTY TIME!!!  We did this last year, where my FIL dresses like Santa and magically comes to the house!  He didn’t want to talk, though, because he was afraid my niece, Mia, would figure out it was him.  So we had a silent Santa, but it was still fun.  The boys got a great kick out of him…SO MUCH better than last years cry fest!
Then Monday was babysitting my niece while her mom ran errands for Santa (oooo…secret errands), and we baked gingerbread and played video games and PHEW!  Maybe I don’t want 3 kids!  Haha!!  All this…and I taught myself to crochet as well…check out my first project
SO CUTE right?  I’m pretty proud of myself.  Just in case you cant tell…it’s a little newborn baby hat.  I’m going to sell it in my Etsy shop…which I also just opened.  MAN I’ve been busy!!  Hope you guys are all having a wonderful and busy holiday too!  Enjoy every minute!

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  1. Love the pictures of the boys! We went to Johnson's Farm on Friday night to see the lights this weekend too. Glad the party was fun, hopefully we can come next year.


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