Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friend Feature: Awesome accessory

You guys met my friend Megan when I talked about our New York romp here.  And you also saw a glimpse of what was to be part of her Halloween essential part I might add!
Just a simple little $10 souvenir bag from a roadside.  No big whoop right?  Well Miss Megan needed to transform this bag and take about 50 years off of it.  You’ll see what I mean.  With a lot of ingenuity…and my tutelage of course (yes I’m giving myself a wee bit of credit for this because I took part in half the idea of the bag and I coached her through it)…we turned this simple little bag from cheesy…
…To super duper Pan Am chic!!  Does she not look like a fabulous piece of…classy lady.  Yeeeaahh…that’s where I was going with that.  So here’s how it went down.  I convinced her to get this bag and just simply spray it with a navy paint.  Then she goes home, and I get a semi frantic, but not really because she's very good at keeping her cool, text about why it’s not drying.  I got this pic…
I thought it looked GREAT.  Perfect color..and she clearly followed the directions of a few light coats for even coverage vs. one heavy coat of drippy coverage.  I’ll be honest that I didn’t know how well the paint would react on that fake plastic, so I thought that the lighter the coats the better.  Well for some reason the paint was tacky to the touch for about 6 hours afterward.  Megan did use glossy, which in my experience does take a bit longer to cure and can feel tacky.  Since she was on a time crunch, I suggested doing a top coat of a matte acrylic spray and hopefully that would clear up the tacky.  Ta-da!!! It totally did!!!
And OMG if it doesn’t look like leather right??  She did suuuuch a good job!  And the sticker is just the Pan Am symbol printed on a piece of label paper that she adhered to the bag before she spray it with the clear matte.  I love it so much! And let’s take a last look at the full outfit…which by the way…she found everything at Forever 21.  She’s a genius!
Great Job Megs!!!

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