Thursday, November 10, 2011

New & Improved!

Welcome to the new & improved Diapers&Divas! You might have noticed that we've done a little remodeling to our site. We worked with the lovely Erin from Eedee Design Studios on our new logo & site. She did a great job translating our crazy ideas, colors, & chaotic emails into a fresh, clean reality. Thanks Erin!

There are some things that are a work in progress...  You might have noticed the cool new buttons like "Lani's NJ Nest" and "Heather's Cali Casa" which will feature pictures of our fabulous abodes complete with the posts we've done showing off our DIY skillz. Skillz to pay the billz. Eh, not really. I guess they're just skillz to make our homes look fab & drive our husbands crazy. Check back as we will be updating those soon.

We'll be updating our "Recipes" section with more delicious recipes. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, we've got a few new things up our sleeves.

And we have our new "Connect With Us" section so you can easily follow us on Facebook & Twitter. We're so fancy with our social networking!

So take a moment, click around, and enjoy your stay! We're happy to have you in our new super fresh space!

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