Monday, October 10, 2011

We’re so Corny!


As my most adorable nephew-by-best-friend would say… “IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME!”  Wahoooo!  The official start of the holiday season!  I am in the processes of decking out my front porch and decided to go with a candy theme this year.  Even though I’m way into horror movies right now (seriously, it’s like after the trauma of child birth..zombies, blood and gore just don’t effect me anymore), I’m not so much into decorating in that scary Halloween style.  I leave that up to the experts, namely Heather and her hubs!  I’m more into the cutesy side of the holiday, and when I saw these a-dor-a-ble pumpkins in BHG’s holiday special I knew these would be perfect!!


So cute!  However…I find that cone shaped pumpkins are EXTREMELY hard to find!  Fat? Check. Tall? Check.  Cones?  Not so much?  I even went straight the the farm source and 2 grocery stores.  No cones.  This is the closest I got to something kind of coney shaped.


The next step is pretty cut and dry.  Tape the stems if you want them to be natural and spray.  Bottom yellow, top white, leave the middle au natural. The only suggestion I have is try not to do this on a windy day, because my paint kept going everywhere I didn’t want it to!  So my lines ended up being kind of uneven…but I honestly don’t mind considering my pumpkins aren’t the perfect cone shape, so why should my lines be the perfectly straight?



Even though they are slightly off kilter, I absolutely LOVE the effect!  My neighbors have all commented on how cute they are already, and it’s getting me totally into the Halloween spirit!  Just in time for my nephew-by-best-friend to arrive and celebrate with me!!



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