Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Little Spring in My Step

My house needed a little breath of life, a little pep put into it's step, if you will. A couple days before Easter, I was picking up a few last minute things at Henry's. (Of course I went on Double Ad Wednesday! And, I just read that Henry's and Sprouts are merging. That's interesting!) Anyways... while I was picking up my produce at great prices, I snagged a 3lb bag of Cuties for $2.50, plus my $0.50 off coupon. We eat a lot of these lovely little oranges. They're the perfect think to plop into a bag when you're out the door so we have a snack to munch on while we run errands. Then I wandered by some wheat grass in little containers. At $1.99 a pop, I grabbed 2 and figured I would find a cute way to incorporate them into my Spring/Easter decor. I had no idea what I was going to do, but grass is springy... so I rolled with it. Then, I walked by and grabbed 2 bunches of tulips for $12. I had to stop at Ralphs a day later and a single bunch was $10 there. Yikes.

So for less than $20, here's what I came up with:
I grabbed a lavender table runner I made a few moons ago for my favorite triplet mama's baby shower. (I knew I kept these for a reason...) The burlap was leftover from Will's recent birthday party hoedown. I just cut a corner off and into a circle. Next I grabbed my cake plate and dome. I grabbed some ribbon I had and a few glue dots to add a little extra splash of color. I took one of the wheat grass containers and plunked it into a regular old ramekin/corning ware dish I had. Grab a few cuties to sprinkle around, add the dome, and you're done.
I love that ribbon. I think that was probably one of those $1 bin grabs.

Next up was the living room.
I took the other lavender table runner I made and ran it down the top and sides of my bookcase. (You can see other awesomeness I've done to my bookcase, here.) We don't have a mantel, so this is what I use instead. I love it! Then I grabbed some vases and put my beautiful tulips out on display. These lovelies prettied up my house for over 2 weeks! I split my other wheat grass container into 3 glass cups.

My mom got me that lovely egg shaped jar candle that I put out on display in my favorite hurricane. I am addicted to groupings of 3, so...

There's my tulips, along with a vase filled with cuties, and a wheat grass glass topper.

Here are more of my tulips on the end table next to the sofa. I also put the last jar with grass on this table. I even uploaded new pics onto my digital picture frame! It had only been a year and a half...

My house was so cheerful after I put everything out! Even Will said "Oh! Mama!" as he pointed to the flowers with a grin on his face.

The best part about not going too Easter-y with my decor was that I could leave it out for the little Royal Wedding viewing I had at my house on Friday. I recorded it, so we just stayed away from the news and all forms of social media that morning so we didn't spoil the surprises... well, really, just the dress.

I set up a little tea station...

And a little food spread. I even made some rolls for mini-sandwiches. I'll be posting that recipe as soon as I perfect it!

And then a thief came, under the guise of "helping"... "Momma. I hap?"

You haven't lived until you've shoved olives on all your fingers.

Love that little smirky face! Lord knows what happened to his shirt that morning...

Not too shabby for less than $20 worth of decor. I was going to add some yellow bunny Peeps to the grass but there were none to be found! We went to Target, and a few grocery stores, and everyone was out! Crazy! I'll have to plan ahead next year and snag some bunny Peeps early!

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