Monday, May 2, 2011

Airing out my dirty

Last week I went balls to the walls with cleaning my house.  After not getting my dream job (which I only slightly mentioned and am still recovering form disappointment....maybe I'll talk about it soon), I decided the best course of action this week was to pour myself into my half neglected house.  My bathroom was first on the list, and it lifted this great weight off my shoulders and totally motivated me to keep going.  So the next step was the dreaded laundry room.

I feel like I started this project YEARS ago...and it keep getting put off.  WELL NO MORE!!!  There's no "I'll do it later's" in THIS house anymore!  If I start's getting finished.  So on Thursday I cleaned, and I scrubbed, and that laundry room got cleaner than the clothes that were in the dryer.  Did I wait for the hubs to come home to move the dryer and get back there to clean it?   NO!  I moved that dryer (which was probably not the smartest idea since I'm just recovering from a hurt back) and cleaned the duct, the vents, the lint trap....everything!  I felt awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I said to myself "Self...whats a clean room without a little paint?"  It's nothing.  Off to the basement!!

Sometimes motivation is like a runaway freight train...and mine was like that...on crack.  Serio.  I started grabbing paint cans left and right and paint sticks and mixing buckets.  Left over yellow!  Great!  Here's some blue!  Fabu!  Lets make a punchy green!

Why the heck not.  Let's paint the room.  I feel like I do my best work when it's not planned.  So I started mixing and came up with a great limey green, but not so bright where it's going to hurt my eyes and make me want to do LESS laundry.  The formula here was just a little by little method...where it was 2 qts of leftover yellow from the basement and 10 tablespoons of leftover blue from the buffet I recently repainted (if y'all are really interested I'll get the color names for you).  I wasn't really PLANNING on painting the whole room....but once I threw the color up on the wall, I just kinda kept going.  Runaway train, people....choo.....choo....

I LOOOOOVE the way it looks.  SO gorgeous.  And, I mean, it's a LAUNDRY not anything exciting.  But just this little change makes it my laundry room with two snaps up.  It's kinda cool to know that I could do this at such random, pretty much for free.  Sonny almost had a bird when he came home and found me cutting in the last bit on the ceiling.  I cannot wait to finish the trim in a crisp bright white (this week!!!  Probably doing it as you read!!!) and put up shelves above the washer and dryer (Mother's Day trip to Ikea!! Wooooot!).  I was so excited to head to The Container Store on Sunday to get a few accessories that I rear ended a car.  No joke.  Punched a hole in the poor ladies bumper.  First accident ever.  But I digress....I can't wait to share updates with you!  It's going to come along and be finished real quick!  I LOVE IT!

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  1. The splash of colour looks great can't wait to see the reveal! Popping over from IHeartOrganising :)


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