Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Beginnings of My Pot Garden

Should be interesting to see how many hits I get from Internet searches with that title....

It's a GARDEN IN POTS, people.  Anyway, after writing the post about our fabulously lazy Tuesday night grill fest (see it here), and staring at all those pics with mass amounts of weeds in them, I just had to do something.  Seriously....look at the right hand side of this pic

So gross!!!  That's supposed to be a lovely flower bed (or it will be soon) and it's just jam packed with weeds!  I had to do something about them....ARGH.  I almost didn't sleep Tuesday night because I was so obsessed with de-weeding.  So yesterday afternoon was me in the back yard full force to clean the place up.  As I needed a new little spade (because, gross....we had mushrooms too), the boys and I took a quick trip to the Home Depot.  On a whim I decided to pick up this junk too.

Ugh....The overexposure is killing me.  But, it's the start to my little garden of pots.  That's lettuce on the left, a blueberry bush, and a cherry tomato plant.  Now, I am not the greenest of green this may all turn out disastrous.  Especially since it was on a whim.  But...I kinda want to make this work!  I'm excited!  And clearly unprepared as after I planted the bloob bush and the ta-maters.....I had no room to plant the lettuce.  I was thinking I would cleverly use them as an underplanting....but planning leads to severely underestimating the room you will have.

So after weeding the backyard (no picks as I was a frantic maniac pulling up those suckers) and planting the blueberry bush and the tomato plant, I enlisted the aid of my little helper, who happened to get a watering can in his Easter basket.

He was totally interested in knowing what each plant was.  Hoping this will get him to eat a cherry tomato.  No problems with the blueberries.  He kept telling me that there were no blueberries on the bush.  I'm not sure if he fully understands that you have to wait for it to grow.  Heck, he doesn't have the patience to wait for me to finish going to the bathroom to get him apple juice.  And note to self.  If you are going to give little helpers a watering can, because you know they love it....make sure you have a TON of plants for them to water so that they do not drown your impromptu garden and end up killing your whim.  Because then you tell him no more watering and you get water works....if you catch my drift

My plants may die from drowning...just because I couldn't resist

But then I let him jump in puddles and get gloriously wet.  I think he was OK with it.

So I'm hoping my little patio garden grows...and I'm thinking if all goes well I may add a few more pots here and there.  Good to know Hunter will always keep up with the watering.  And can't wait to make some blueberry banana bread with those suckers!!! Come on!!! GROW!!  Looks like Hunter gets his impatience from his mama.

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  1. So fun to see kids in the garden. Okay, now we all want to know how many google hits you get.



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