Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Late night date night

The weather here in the dirrty Jerz has been extremely summer-like.  By that I mean heat and humidity.  Blech.  The high note is that it becomes nice and cool in the evenings, perfect for a little breaking in of our patio.  We got pavers installed last September to extend our tiny little 10x10 patio to a sweet and comfortable 15x20.  It's not a lot...but perfect for a little table and chairs, the BBQ, and good friends. We would have loved to make it larger and grander, but such are the restrictions of living in a townhouse with a strict HOA.  Anyway, because we got it installed in the fall, we really haven't gotten a chance to use it.  Since the rain and thunderstorms are going to hold out until tonight....we decided to have a little burgers and beer on our patio to officially christen the space!

We're not sure exactly how we are going to finish this space...but we know we would love an outdoor rug, some potted plants, and definitely a new outdoor light.  Maybe multiple outdoor lights.  There's not TOO much I can do without first getting approval from our HOA (blast them!) so to make our lives simple we need to just decorate it to make it look nice.  I'd really like to put a console table along this fence next to the little bistro table.  That table used to sit on our front porch, but we figured it would get much better use in the back.  We got that on clearance 2 years ago at Target.  My thoughts are to spray paint it...not sure what yet.  Oh...and forgive my super tired yellow eyes.  I've been SUPER productive around the house lately and am ex-haus-ted.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand (my mind just whirls with ideas when I sit in an unfinished space)....we had a wonderful little date night.  Burgers, salad, beer, and juice boxes for Sonny.  He's totally a kid at heart.  We reminisced about how we used to often grill during the week, or how going out for a Tuesday night was not an absolutely absurd idea.  Then our wonderful neighbors came over and joined us for a little cocktail and brownie bites.  It was a great night to chill, talk, laugh, have a drink or three...all by the light of our baby monitors.  And now that I have sat out there...I see LOTS of work that needs to be done and my super-powered productivity continues!!  See those nasty weeds in the above pick.  SUPER NAH-STY.  There's more on the right in the below pic (in the beds).  Guess what I'm doing today?

Excuse this pic.  Sonny took it and got a bit of our fence on the left.  Awesome.  I can't complain as he is certainly getting better with getting behind the cam. to pick weeds, launder, vacuum....and see whatever else I can do....

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