Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bathroom Sanity

Between throwing my back out a week before the first birthday bash, having house guests, the birthday bash itself, NOT getting the dream job of my life, and Easter...cleaning of my house has totally gone neglected.  I mean totally.  I mean disgustingly.  Like so bad that I'm not even going to show you a before pic of my bathroom because it was so bad.  Like....REALLY bad.  Like, imagine the worst bathroom you could imagine, add a level of frat boy care, sprinkle on an extra layer of dust, then add a generous helping of smell....and you have my bathroom.  NOT, joking.

So after the boys went to nap yesterday, I could not go on another minute without cleaning that bathroom from head (haha) to toe.  There is absolutely nothing special about this bathroom.  It literally has not changed since we moved in...so it's nice and totally builders grade.  Isn't that wonderful?  No...not really. 

I apologize for all the crazy lighting...I obviously do not have the white balance business figured out...

Anyway...the point is my bathroom is at least back to it's clean, tidy, normal, sanitized self.  Ahhhh....it feels so good accomplishing that task.  As I try to get my life and house back in order, I'm also getting the itch to grab a paintbrush and get to work again too.  At least snapping pics of my clean bathroom was a good way to get before pics.  With the weather getting warmer...things might get dangerous around here as I get painty with it.....oooooooo.  So watch out!!!

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