Friday, April 22, 2011

Woodland One-derland!

This past Sunday we celebrated my littlest of littles first birthday!  Hooray!!!!  I can't believe it's been a year already.  So full of happiness and good memories...and more to come when we venture to Disneyland in about 4 weeks!  Huzzah!  Anyway....I was determined to make his first birthday just as memmorable as Hunter's was (see here).  We scaled down the guest list tremendously, I think mainly because we've just realized what's important to us when it comes to our kids.  Love.  Just people that love them and who want to be there for them.  Of course....there were a few that were missing as they reside in Cali and coudln't make it.  But we will party it up in Disneyland my peoples!

Anyway, again, (thoughts of Disneyland get me distracted)....It was a great party.  I went with a woodland theme as I have a current obsession with owls (see my invitations here) and just rolled with it! For food we had just sammies and pizza with a few dashes of sushi and other pick-at-it type food....but the highlight for sure was my desert table....of which I made every single thing.  You guys got a sneak peek earlier this week, but it was raved about.  I gotta pat myself a little on the back for timing everything just right to where I was NOT rushing about last minute putting the finishing touches on the table.  It was amazing.

And I stuck with the tradition of making their birthday cakes.  It's something that is really important for me to I don't know if they will remember every single birthday party they have, but I'm pretty sure that they will remember that I ALWAYS made their cakes.  Hopefully.  Who knows.  Kids these days....

 I skipped the fondant this year as I had a vision of a tree trunk in my head and wanted it to look super textured like bark.  When I started my parents were watching and all of us had doubts.  But I think it turned out pretty darn good!

The poufs on the ceiling (the how to here) turned out great.  I initially wanted the ceiling to be plastered with them....but after doing about 100 of them...I realized that would take another year or so.  But the effect was still amazing and Jagger LOVED it.  They are still up and he likes to lay on the ground and just gaze up at them.  Aw....thanks for admiring Momma's work honey!

And of course...there was lots of play with friends, plenty of chomping down on treats, and gratuitous cake smashing.  Yom yom yom!!

All in all, it was an extremely successfull bday party.  Our family and friends are so special to us and to have a nice initimate gathering to celebrate another first year was just so fantastic.  As this is probably going to be our last "first", I'm glad everything turned out to my liking and that everything felt so special.  Happy One Jaggey-Pants!!

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  1. It looks like a fun birthday! I recently found your blog and think you guys are awesome! I'm sharing the Stylish Blogger Award with you! Just stop by my blog to pick it up!


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