Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OCtober 30x30

In continuing efforts to get my budget under control, and still stay as super fly as possible, I'm imposing upon myself the 30x30 fashion challenge!!!! (I imagine it said with like a cool echo for effect and em-PHA-sis.)

I've seen a ton of this floating around on the Pinterest and thought, hey...what a better way to get over my Philip Lim for Target losses then to embrace what I already have. For those who don't know, you take 30 items from your closet and make 30 different outfits for 30 days. I'm kinda really excited about this challenge, and hopefully it will get me to appreciate my closet, save me some loot, and look at my war

robe in a whole new way. 

SO to start...I cruised a couple of other ladies sites because I had no idea where to begin. How many pants do I need? Should I do sweaters or jackets? Does jewelry count as one of the 30 items? I took some of this and some of that and came up with my basic formula: 4 Sweaters (because it's getting cool out) 3 Jackets (or blazers...not coats...not that cold out) 2 Cardigans, 2 Dresses, 8 Tops, 3 Skirts, 3 Pants, and 5 Shoes. I'm saying that accessories such as hats, belts, scarves, tights and jewelry are freebies...but I'm still not allowed to purchase anything. So without further ado...This is what I chose:




Let me just note a few things:

-I totally took these all at night and in a rush so I apologize for the sloppy pics

-My comforter is SUPPOSED to be wrinkly.  It’s the style

-Some of the clothes you can’t even see the pattern, which is why I numbered them so when I actually wear them you can see what each is from


Ok so I’m totally excited about this!!  I even have day one all set!  WOOT!  On top of things!!  The only sad part about this picture…cuz I think the outfit is really cute….is how absurdly white my legs are.  Oh-to-the-well….next time I’ll wear tights then!



{items 1,19,24}

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