Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit Challenge: Pop Pants

A little bored with your jeans and black/blue/white easy go-to top? Throwing on your Uggs or flip flops a little too easily these days? Us too. But you’re a mom. It’s ok… Or so you keep justifying to yourself. You’ve got 8,000 plates spinning in the air, so let’s add one more. Seriously though, you’ll be SO glad you added this one. And if one or two plates fall, that’s ok because you’ll look amazing while cleaning up those broken plate pieces!

Let me introduce you to our newest addition… The Outfit Challenge!
It started, mostly, because Lani and I tend to buy the same stuff. It doesn’t hurt that we text each other “Hey! Old Navy’s got [fill in the blank] on clearance! Should I get this one [insert text pic]?”. 3,000 miles apart and we are still each other’s shopping companions…

A few fun new pieces in our wardrobe lead to making a bit of an effort to mix up our closet. Reach for the Pop Pants instead of the acid wash jeans… What?! They’re back!
Sorry, that’s one 80’s revival I will not be a part of… But I digress.

We made a little pit-stop on Pinterest to check our Style boards for inspiration:

And since Lani and I have a lot of the same pieces in our wardrobe, we thought it would be fun to see how we style the same pieces. We are currently obsessed with the Pop Pants trend, thus our first challenge. We each own at least 2 pairs. I think Lani might have 3 now… I’m just waiting for Pay Day. Winking smile

First up is Lani:
DSC_0076   DSC_0075
Here she is sporting an embellished cap sleeve top from H&M, magenta POP! pants by Mossimo from Target, and cognac spiked heels by Betsy Johnson. (You like my fashion show play-by-play?) Lani tried to push herself to be a bit more daring with color, too. I think she succeeded. She’s not a regular Mom, she’s a cool mom! (name that movie!)

And we have to get a close up of those shoes because I need something spikey in my life:
DSC_0074Adorable, right?! Studs on a bow is like the peanut butter to my jelly.

I took a bit of a different approach:
IMG_0816   IMG_0815
Earrings are from Target, red plaid scarf from Old Navy (men’s section), heathered chocolate cardigan Merona from Target, white blousy top from my sister’s closet, rope and leather belt from Target, red POP! Pants from Old Navy, Rickki tan boots from madden girl.

I am digging neutrals with a pop of color, right now. I also LOVE layers, and these boots. I practically live in these boots because they are flat and just so dang comfy. Oh! and my other new favorite accessory… LIPS! I splurged and picked up MAC Viva Glam matte red lipstick with the red enriched cremestick liner. I die! It is so smooth and goes on like buttah! It is a great red, not too orangey or pinky. And it lasts a crazy long time. I eat and drink while wearing it and maybe touch up once throughout the day. Yes, $15 for lipstick and $15 for lip liner is steep, but it wears so well and I always get compliments on it. Of course the compliments make the $30 price tag a little easier to swallow. Every girl deserves a treat like this now and then.

So what is your favorite outfit? or accessory? Maybe it’s a pair of boots you can’t live without?! Share with us! We’d love to see!
Post your pics on our Facebook wall or send us a shout out on Twitter!
We’d love to see how you style your pop pants and maybe we’ll share our favorites in a post! Let’s all get out of the Mom Jeans rut and turn in to the MILFs we are!


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  1. Heather LOVE this post. Right now my go to items is my boots as it is freezing in the East!


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