Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vroom Room

This is just a little quickie quick update to what I've been doing in the boys room.  The last time I talked about this we were moving Hunter into Jagger's room and converting everyone into a toddler bed.  Well after a spontaneous trip to home goods, I walked out with a theme and a better understanding of what I want going on in there.  It all started with this beauty I found
If you at all know me, you know I'm terrified of hanging things on the wall.  TERRIFIED.  So actually buying a piece of "art" and hanging it was a big step.  I have a feeling once more things start happening in this room this canvas might get moved to the striped wall...but for now it's amazing that it's just UP.

I also decided to bring the boys car rug and bean bag chairs up into their room, regardless of the protests of my husband.  I TOTALLY get that we have a big ol' basement that they can use for their playroom so why clutter their room with toys and such.  The answer is simple....because we adults also deserve some space in this house.  I find it unfair that we have a teeny space for our computer, I sew at the kitchen table, and we use the ENTIRE basement purely for mass amounts of toys.  NO MORE!!  Time to SHARE the house....after all....we stress sharing all the time.  Why not start with us.  So bean bags UPSTAIRS.  Besides, it really does make a nice little reading nook and it's great to be able for them to play while I do the laundry or whatever and not have to worry about being 2 floors away from them, fearing that one is poking the other's eye out.  It has happened.  The poking of the eye...not the actually "out" part....

I also got them some little auto and train throw pillows for their beds.  I'm DYING to get 2 twin size big boy beds in here...but see those cribs?  Yes they are the convertible kind that you can use as a headboard and foot board and all that jazz.  Which is FANTASTIC...but not for someone like me who changes their mind every 2 years.  So husband is determined to use them...and I keep stressing that we will store them and in the next house, when they have their own rooms, we will upgrade those twins that I want to full size for them and all will be good so peace be with you.  That man takes alot of convincing, and I'm still not there.  Not to mention, 2 full size beds will NOT fit in this room.  Anyway...I also have to figure out what to do with that center curtain in the car pattern...nix it? Add a panel to the bottom? Maybe switch it with the panels that are above the bean bags? Who knows....but you know it will be 8 months before I get to it.  #lazytiredmom.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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