Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yarn Pom Wreath

DSC01320I got a wild hair up me bum (Yes, I just became English. What?) to make a bunch of yarn poms while watching Michonne kick some may-jah zombie bum on The Walking Dead. I had a bunch of yarn that I’ve accumulated since, Oh, I don’t know… middle school?! Ridiculous. So I grabbed some colors I thought would work well together and just started wrapping and cutting. And then I wrapped and cut some more. And then some more.

Should I make a garland or a wreath or stick them in a few mason jars…? I wasn’t quite sure. My decision was made when I was putting some random junk away and found a naked wreath form. Ding-Ding-Ding! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, folks. This is what we call a work-what-you-got craft for a whopping $0 cost.

I grabbed some supplies:
Yarn poms, wreath form, hot glue gun, extra glue sticks. Booya Grandma.

After debating on whether to group the colors together or do it haphazard, I decided I needed to just start it and see what happens…
DSC01323 DSC01324
DSC01325 DSC01328
It seemed like the best course of action was to just layer in each color. I started with the red and dark red since it is supposed to be Christmas-y, so I figured those colors should be the most dominant. I had ended up using the rest of the skein of dark red yarn to help fill out the red some more. I didn’t start off with whole skeins, but I ended up using up what I had left of every color on my wreath. Talk about using up what I’ve got!

65 poms later, it was done!
DSC01344DSC01333DSC01336Pretty cute, right? I’m a sucker for mindless crafts that you can do while you catch up on your dvr. This is totally one of those projects and came out so stinkin’ cute! I opted for red, dark red, teal, navy, yellow, and white, mostly because it’s what I had on hand and it was Christmas-y enough. The nice thing is that it will lend itself to everyday use or I can add some fun embellishments to transform it for different occasions, too.

I toyed with the idea of adding a bow, but it was competing with the poms too much, and Hubby said no. So… decision made! Winking smile Sometimes husbands are right… sometimes.


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  1. Adorable! Would make a great birthday wreath too. So fun and colorful.


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