Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chill @ Queen Mary

My sister surprised us with a trip to Long Beach to check out Chill a few days before Christmas.
First of all… Brrrrrrrrr!
After cruising around outside, we walked into the dome where the Spruce Goose used to be to check out The Ice Kingdom. 13,000 square feet of stuff make out of ice. And you better be wearing a parka because it’s 9 degrees. NINE!
Look at that Rudolph nose and rosy cheeks! That’s not Photoshop! It’s dang cold in here!
202584_10151367535268659_1462096831_o   202523_10151367546343659_2102965181_o
Thank goodness we didn’t get to find out if his tongue would stick to the ice…

Towards the end of the icy dome tour, Will was at the end of his rope with the coldness. We went back out, ditched the parkas, and did a little Ice Tubing. I couldn’t get a good pic of the 2 story tall, 100 feet long slide made of ice… but Will can show you that it wasn’t fun at all…

Then we headed outside where they had an ice rink set up right in front of the Queen Mary.
Ice skates for everyone! They were really cool because the straps were like roller blade straps. Awesomesauce! Now… back in the 90s, I was quite the roller-blader, so ice skating is a pretty easy transition. I know… you can’t even begin to wrap your head around how cool I am.
240008_10151367541643659_1754966068_o   271618_10151367543173659_1962956348_o
271690_10151367540903659_696178941_o 413621_10151367545718659_1089784201_o
That’s my dad out there on skates! He did pretty good! He just needs to bend his knees. Ha! My sister and I are clowns… clearly.
Despite Hubby’s reservations about ice skating, especially since our crazy child just had staples removed from his noggin, no one fell! Hubby has only been ice skating one other time in his life… with me! Ha Ha! We went on a date to the Disney Skating Rink, but that was 8 or 9 years ago. Yikes!

We all had a blast! They even offer free admission aboard The Queen Mary! Too cool! Chill runs until January 6th, so you better hurry your booty over there, so you can freeze it off!


**We didn’t get any perks from The Chill or any of their affiliates. This was a trip we took all on our own and my opinions are mine… all mine!**

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