Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good-Bye Blues

When I painted our kitchen the first time, I wasn’t quite sure about the color. It was bright and cheery, but it didn’t quite go with our vibe. Then we painted this corner hutch, and the blue walls slapped me in the face every time I went in the kitchen. When our living room became a lovely shade of Bay Leaf green, it was crazy-clear that the kitchen needed a fresh less-clashy coat of paint. Here’s a quick reminder of how it looked before:
Not quite the slate blue-grey I was going for…

So a day or two before I started my new job, I figured the best way to blow off some stress-steam was to paint the kitchen. Totally normal, right? After I taped everything off, and Will was busy watching a movie, I got this solo painting party started:
Buh-bye blue! Hello Driftwood Grey! Yes, I used the same Driftwood Grey I used in our Master Bath.

This color goes on like buttah. Love it. Thank you Martha Stewart!
So on with the painting…
DSC00749It’s already looking better with my corner hutch cabinet.

Ok. Enough with the progress shots. Here’s some before and afters:

Before                                                       After



And here’s my cute little fall centerpiece:

Will thoroughly enjoyed my apple-pumpkin snowman, and then he dismantled it and took a bite out of the apple. Centerpiece meets healthy snack? Sure… why not?!

What are you painting?


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