Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Medieval Times–West Coast

Medieval Times snuck on to our Summer To Do list somewhere in between squirt gun fights and roasting marshmallows on a campfire. There are lots of summer birthdays in our family, and since I started a let’s-go-do-something-super-fun trend with going to the San Diego Safari Park, we thought a trip to Medieval Times would be super cool. Most of my family had never been before. I went with my mom over a decade ago! Swords, horses, knights in shining armor – It’s definitely a 3 year old’s idea of a good time, so Will was on board. 29

The food is just as much a part of the whole experience as the knights.
Delicious vegetable soup in a bowl with a handle. Some tasty garlic bread. Chicken on the bone, ribs, potato wedges. Finger foods galore! And of course, this 3 year old, self declared “Big Boy” of ours had to do it all, all by himself. He didn’t want his dessert, so me and Hubby got to share that bonus morsel.
We also got very familiar with the location of the restrooms thanks to the frequent refills. We had a great waiter, too!
Let the games begin!



Go Yellow & Black Knight!20

That’s the look of defeat:32
Our Yellow & Black Knight almost made it until the very end. Will, aka our Iron Man enthusiast, wasn’t too upset since the Red Knight won!

Smiles all around!26

Call it fate when Dennis from Medieval Times emailed us & asked us if both Lani and I wanted to take our families to see a show. Who knew that they have a couple of castles scattered across the country! There aren’t many things that both of us at Diapers&Divas can experience on either coast. A big THANK YOU to Dennis and the Medieval Times crew for hooking us up with an awesome experience! Dinner and a show!



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