Monday, August 27, 2012

Rug me Tender…

Hahaha…I don’t know why that title make me laugh, but it does.
True story….I have never bought a rug.  No never, not ever.  But when I saw that Rugs USA was having a sale, like an up to 75% off sale, and I had a coupon from Facebook when I “liked” them, I figured it was about time that I tried my hand at a rug.  The perfect place?  The bedroom that I’m currently working on, of course!  Let’s re-visit one of my inspiration pics for our bedroom:
LOVE these colores
I know that inspiration pics aren’t necessarily supposed to be taken literally.  I mean, if that were the case then I’d be sleeping in a crib right now, and tossing my underwear in that diaper genie there.  But anyway…when I saw this black and white chevron rug for $89 (before my FB coupon) I had to jump on it.  Had to had to had to.
Rugs USA Home Value Chevron Ivory Rug
Oh glorious day!!!  I snagged this little beauty for $71 when all was said and done!  WHAT!  I know!!!  And it’s an 8x10, by the way.  From all my rug window shopping, but never buying….I knew that was a KILLER deal!  About a week and a half later I had this bad boy on my front door step, and knew that during my first days off from work, this baby would be going under my bed!!!  I had one problem though…I have a super annoying, super heavy, super cumbersome platform bed.
Oh yeah, don’t mind my uber messy bedroom.  It’s gradually getting better and better.  Just concentrate on the rug for right now.  So I had to find a way to get this bad boy UNDER the bed.  First things first….mattress and box springs off:
I am SUPER WOMAN!  Do you know how heavy those mattresses are?!?!!  Well, they are heavy.  Next up was figuring out how to lay this rug out.  I originally intended for the rug to go long ways….with the chevron pattern oriented like the inspiration picture above.  But as you can see…that would have meant that the overhang on the sides would have been puny…like only a couple inches.  The only solution was to go sideways.
Ok so now I was stuck.  I couldn’t figure out how to lift the bed enough to roll the rug underneath and platform area.  Yes, waiting for the hubs to come home would have, ideally, been the best way….but I have zero patience.  So I had to figure this out.  I don’t have pictures, or really a process to explain this as it all just kind of happened out of sweat, sheer will power, and a little insanity.  Somehow I ended up at this point:
You know how people in certain situations can lift a car because of pure adrenaline?  Well…as soon as I saw the chevron laid out in all it’s glory on my floor (fully realizing that this was all UNDER the mattress) I somehow got that super hero strength from my own adrenaline and finally ended up with the rug how I intended under my bed

Oh My Gawd I love it!  What a difference it makes to the whole room!  It’s slightly unbelievable.  Even Craig asked “how did you manage to do this??”  Really…if you knew the weight of this bed, you’d be asking the same thing.  Heck…I’ve been waking up the past couple days asking myself the same thing.  But I don’t dwell…I just rub my feet on it and stare at its beauty.  Totally my favorite thing I’ve ever done in decorating.  My never-rug-buying-self has totally turned a corner!!  So glad I popped that cherry!!!!  Sorry….maybe that was gross….

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