Friday, August 24, 2012

Boys bedroom progress

The last I left you all with the progress of the boys sharing a room I left you with this:
Super exciting, I know.  Well, I’m proud to say that we’ve made a little bit of progress.  Yes, only a little.  Hey, remember that I started working!!  But surprisingly, with less time around the house, more things seem to be getting done because we don’t have “time later” to do it.  It’s actually a bit refreshing!  Anyway, the day before I officially started working, Craig and I knew we had to get some ish done with their room and got right on it.  We moved all of Hunter’s furniture into their room, and all of Jagger’s furniture will become some of my office stuff.  Hunter’s furniture is WAY better quality, and we would rather have the boys try and beat the crud out of the good stuff and have it hold up.
Alright, alright… NOT judge the tidiness of this space.  We had just moved everything in there and the boys were taking a bath as I was taking these pics, so it had to be quick.  A few things are changing right off the bat:
  • The light between the beds will be replaced with a table and lamp.  I’ll be honest…any light fixture within reach of the little hands makes me nervous, but they need light!
  • The changing table will move to my new office/sewing room/craft space
  • Decorate, decorate, decorate.  With all the people coming in and out of our house in the first 6 months of Jagger’s life the furthest we got with decorating was paint!  But no more!
I have to say that I am notorious in this house for starting a project and never finishing.  I am terrified of hanging things on walls. I second guess every design decision I ever make, and I consult Heather about 85 times a day.  Although the consulting Heather part will probably never change, I am determined to push past my comfort zone and not just stop because I’m scared of doing something “wrong.”  So moving the furniture was just one little step to really get the ball rolling, but changes will be, and ARE as we speak, happening!!  I’m excited! 

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