Friday, May 11, 2012

Something sweet for Mother’s Day

Happy Friday to you all!  I just wanted to share something really simple and cute that you could make really quickly for Mother’s Day!  This would be a great gift for any mom!  I made one for mine, and I’m really thinking of making them for myself, my sister, Heather, and even my buddy Megan who isn’t a mom but would appreciate a unique accessory.  Don’t mind this picture…I forgot to take a final before sending it out…so this is what I sent my sister

Rosette Necklace:


What’s that you say?  You can’t even make it out because it’s such an awful picture, even for a cell phone picture?  Right there with you, folks, so let’s just get to the “how to” so you can see some (slightly) better pics.


Strips of fabric


Hot Glue gun

1 sheet of fairly stiff felt

A chain (I made this to just slip over the head…so I’d recommend no less than a 20” chain)


1)First…take your strips (mine were about 18”-20” long…maybe 1.5” wide.  I didn’t really measure.)  Fold one end in half and fold it over a couple of times


2) Then start twisting your fabric around the top-ish part of the fold.  I use the bottom “tail” part to hold onto while I glue and wrap.  As you keep wrapping, twist the fabric and dot with glue every no and again to make sure it hold nice and tight.


3) Once you are almost done twisting, wrapping, and pinching (sounds a bit naughty, doesn’t it?) then you can tuck the tail in and glue the last remaining bit of fabric over the bottom.




4) Next is the easy peasy part.  Once you have all your little rosettes in a row (I made big to represent my sis and I, 2 medium for the bigger grandkids, and 2 small for the babies!) glue the middle 3 onto the felt, and the end 2 to the chain…. like so.


5) Then glue the last 2 where you want them in relation to the others.  You COULD just glue everything down at once….but I wanted to make sure that the chain was nice and centered on the small rosettes and that it was going to stay before I sandwiched them.  This is where I forgot to keep taking pictures.

6) after you have everything glued down…basically cut your necklace out.  It helps to use really small and precise scissors because you don’t want you felt peeking out…so to really get into the crevices, small scissors help.  And again…because I forgot to take pics…here’s the crappy cell pic


I just love it…I think it’s so cute and what a great accessory for summer to dress up just a plain old tee!  If you’re a mother…I hope you do whatever it is you want this weekend (I myself, am going shopping all day…ALONE), and if you’re not a mother…I hope that your mother has a wonderful day!!!!  Smile

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