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Homemade Gnocchi's!!



Yes this totally has an exclamation point after it because frankly…I can’t believe I did it!  And I’m almost as excited that I can basically call this one all my own recipe.  Yes I got tips from here and there….but I basically wung it…wanged it? Winged it. You get my gist…

These were really easy to make, and really hard at the same time.  It’s only 3 ingredients (not including whatever sauce you use), but it’s a lot of kneading.  Well…in my case it was because I made a buttload.  Coming from an Asian family and being married into an Italian family…I totally get “family style” food …aka “MAKE A TON.”  So my recipe probably makes about 12-15 decent size servings…but you can totally freeze some after you make them.  I still can’t believe I made these homemade…I was pooped afterwards!!  There’s a reason why the Italians have Sunday dinner…because these are too tiring to make on a Monday evening…which is what I did.  Hope you enjoy!!

Potato Gnocchi’s



about 3 lbs of russet potatoes (I used about 3/4 of a 5 lb bag)

2 eggs

approximately 5 cups of flour


1. Peel, cut and boil the potatoes.  You can also bake them…which a lot of recipes out there tell you to do, but I was afraid I’d dry them out.  You are basically making the start of mashed potatoes here…


2. After they are cooked (I actually went a little beyond “fork tender” so they would mash up really well), draing them and return them back to the hot pot.  Mash ‘em up.  I have read using a ricer is the best to get them nice and lump free and fluffy…but I just used a masher. 


3. Sprinkle some flour on a board (or your counter…whatever you guys use for rolling a pie crust or kneading dough) and dump the potatoes out onto it.  Spread it out a little to cool.  In the meantime…beat your eggs in a bowl.  When the potatoes have cooled a bit…drizzle your egg all over the potatoes.


4. I do not have a picture of this next step as it is extremely messy and could not grab my camera.  Suggestion…take your rings off and wear and apron.

1/2 cup of flour at a time, sprinkle flour on the potatoes and knead.  You want to end up with the consistency of pizza dough…but you don’t want to over flour.  If you roll your potato dough into a ball and stick your finger in and it comes out clean…then you’re done.  If it’s still super sticky then keep kneading.  This step took about an hour.  I was tired.

5.  You want to end up with a nice looking ball of dough.  Then split that ball into smaller balls.  I ended up with 6 balls.  Which you then split again to make a long snake like roll, about 1/2” in diameter.



6. Cut ‘em up into little gnocchi’s!  I don’t have an exact measurement…but they are probably about 1/2” wide.  about the size of the top of your thumb.  Place them on a parchment lined and flour dusted cookie sheet.  They are still a bit sticky…so you want to place tem so they are not touching. 


7. Toss in boiling water like you would regular pasta.  when they float to the top, let them cook about 30 seconds more.  Using a spider strainer (like you would for fried food) or a slotted spoon, scoop them out and toss directly into your favorite sauce.  I used a favorite marinara recipe.





COOK all your gnoochi’s and the ones you want to freeze don’t toss in the sauce.  I put them in a strainer….let them cool for about 3 minutes, then tossed them into a ziploc freezer bag.  After about 30 minutes I went in the freezer and just jumbled them up to separate them a bit.  I’m sure you could flash freeze them too and them toss them in a bag, but I didn’t have a clean cookie sheet at the moment.  When you want to eat them again, just toss them in boiling water until they float again and enjoy with your favorite sauce!  These are REALLY good!!

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