Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I need a little somethin

Does anyone else go through a period where they are completely on hold....mainly due to lack of funds?  Sonny and I are really trying to get our chizz under control, which means putting lots of house upgrades on hold. And...if you don't know already...that makes me cry.  Being a stay at home mom and being in my house most of the day makes me look around and want to change/create/organize/decorate things.  But when you look at the end of the month and realize you're only ahead by $50....all that "want" stuff goes bye bye.  But, we are saving and planning to upgrade our master bathroom floor (which in turn puts money back INTO the house).  So in this horrible meantime, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things to keep me inspired and maybe do for frrrreeeeeeeeee....from Pinterest of course!

Alfresco Dining:

I mean...we gotta eat right?  Why not enjoy some nosh outside.  I love this setup. It's so cute.  I'm pretty sure I have a few fabrics I could make an adorable table runner out of and just enjoy an evening outside.  That way I can create something, and then have a little party in the backyard.  DONE.

Hang Kid Art:

I like this to for kid art!

If I can't buy things to hang on the walls, I'll just enlist my chitlins to create stuff for me.  And I love how she hung it on twine.  So cute!  And the filler of the fabric bunting?  Genius. And free for me, considering I just made a WHOLE bunch of bunting goodness for Jagger's birthday

Making My Own Shtuff:

make your own baby wipes 

These are baby wipes.  I have a bunch of paper towels.....I could do this.  I could save a ton of money.  That money can go towards buying me a new desk for the bedroom, or creating my curtains for my bedroom.  Genius.  I shall do it.

Make My Own Clothes:

Long skirt tutorial

I have material.  TONS of material.  Fabric galore.  You could almost go shopping for fabric at my house right now.  SO if I have all that stuff....why don't I try to make myself a few new things?  It would give ME a pick me up, and I'll feel like I have something new to wear, even though it's been sitting in my basement for 2 years!  YES!

Create Our Summer List:

Summer bucketlist!!
I saw hundreds of lists on blogs everywhere last year and I totally want to do one this year.  The boys are old enough to where they will kind of get it...and this list above has a bunch of free things like touring a fire station, watching the fireworks, do a treasure hunt, and make a robot (hello use for all our cardboard boxes!)  Then I can take a picture of each one as we do it and hang in on the twine that also holds our kid art!  FUN!  This all should keep me busy for awhile and definitely (hopefully) keep the savings in our bank!

Any of you doing free yet fun things for your house, self, or family??  I'd love more ideas!

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  1. Definitely know the feeling here. We've been trying to save for a house and have very little "extra" money. But that's ok! Hopefully this summer we'll actually be purchasing a home & it will all be worth it!


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