Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Fun: Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

How have we been to Disneyland and California Adventure a billion times and never ventured over to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail?! I really don’t know. It boggles my mind. But since we have a 3 year old Will that is never short on energy, we decided to check it out on our last visit. Just a regular ol’ Friday after work. Time for some family fun!

It’s one of those things that even though we’ve had Annual Passes to Disneyland for 6+ years now, there’s always something new to do. As Will gets older, he meets height requirements for new things, and has new interest in Toy Story or Bug’s Life or the Matterhorn. We can’t wait for the Matterhorn to re-open after its recent refurbishment so the Yeti can scare the begeezus out of Will, but he’s been talking about going on it for at least a month now!

Will is at a pretty perfect age for an intro to The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. There are lots of trails and tunnels with secret little look-out points. I think Hubby found one…

Lots of wobbly bridges:
DSC09113   DSC09118

“Looky things” to check out hot chicks:

Slides, slides, and more slides! Who doesn’t love a good hair-static-creator?!

Just another day looking for Kevin, the snipe (Who apparently has her own Facebook page!)

We wandered around for a bit in the remaining sunlight:
And after dinner, made our way over to Disneyland for a churro & a Fantasmic viewing. We were about a week shy of Fantasmic’s 20th Anniversary! Still my favorite show in the whole wide world, and I think I’ve convinced Will it is the best, too!

Nothing like a little Friday evening outing to kick your weekend off on the right foot! What can I say, Hubby knows the way to my heart is through a churro & Fantasmic.

Have you discovered a new Disney nook recently? Or are your kids suddenly ready for an attraction? Will is about an inch away from getting on Star Tours. That’s going to be a good day… a really GOOD day. I don’t know who’s more excited about it, Will or Hubby. Winking smile


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