Thursday, May 17, 2012

College Bound

I’m sure by now, you catch Lani and I’s budget-friendly drift. Throw in something that makes our lives a little easier, cleaner, less cluttered, and we’re sold. And if it makes someone else’s life better, boom!, cherry on top of the money-saving sundae!

My sister is transferring from community college to a university this fall, and as a 3rd year college student, she’s all about budget friendly options. Working part time, while going to school full time, and trying to have a social life will have that effect on a girl. I heard about Campus Book Rentals and couldn’t wait to tell her. This is a great site! Here’s a quick run down of the perks:

-Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-FREE shipping both ways
-You can highlight in the textbooks
-They offer flexible renting periods
-They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

If you’re like Hubby and I, you still have textbooks laying around your house that you won’t get rid of because they were so expensive. Really? It’s cluttering up my house and we’re holding on to them because they cost us an arm and a leg?! I wish I would’ve known about this site back in my day because my bookcase and storage bins would be 100+ lbs. lighter, and my pockets a little heavier!

Maybe you’re thinking of going back to school because the job market is so tough right now, or maybe you want to take a fun class this summer – Photoshop 101 anyone? Campus Book Rentals makes that decision that much easier. I wonder if Will would enjoy learning Photoshop with me… Winking smile I kid… I kid…

They even have a cute little commercial that explains the whole process:

Maybe you don’t have time to take a class, and you just want to learn at home, on your own time… rent the book! For $18 I can rent Photoshop Classroom in a Book for the summer and learn the program on my own time in my pajamas. That’s cheaper than taking the class and I don’t have to find a babysitter! I know what’s on my summer to-do list!


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