Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Banister Idea

I showed you guys that I was doing a nice frame gallery in the hallway leading down to the basement a LONG time ago…and sadly….not much has changed.
The one thing that Craig has been getting on me about is putting the banisters back up. I took them down to make it easier to paint, but then hated the oak and brass hardware combo so I wanted to spray them white.  This is back in October, mind you.  And it’s hard, in dear old New Jersey, to spray in the winter. You get a whole bunch of problems.  So FINALLY, I got enough nice days in a row to spray!  Here’s one of them sitting on the patio.
They are big and cumbersome and stupid.  Ha…I think I’m just REALLY glad this project is done.  Hauling these babies in and out of the house, telling the kids not to touch, spraying in wind and then running out to grab them before it rains….blah blah blah.  Anyway…here’s the finished product!
I HATE taking pictures of this hallway because the lighting is really bad.  Next on the list is a cool chandelier of some sort…and of course…making the gallery wall an actual GALLERY.  Not just taping up the kids artwork!  Cuz I’m supa lazy like that. Smile Keep on truckin’…little by little…..

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