Monday, April 16, 2012

Kid zone!

The Adventure Aquarium invited my lil ol’ familia to come and experience their new kid zone this past weekend.  It’s a fun little place (in the middle of all the other fun) that’s specifically just for kids.  They have fun little characters, cool exhibits, and of course…fishies!

This was the start of our day…Hunter got a little nervous at how dark some parts were…which is odd because he usually LOVES tunnels and always wants to roam around in the dark in his room.  Odd.  But he was begging to go through the tunnels again when we were leaving…saying “I’m not scared anymore!!! Pwease pwease pwease pwease pweeeaaaasssee!!!!!!”


We wandered all the exhibits we could…but finally made it to the kid zone.  It’s seriously like a breath of fresh air, I think for parents and kids alike.  The kids get to run and crawl and climb and get loads of energy out, and the parents get a little break from people trying to jump into penguin enclosures or trying to kiss fish by pressing their faces against the glass.  I apologize, Adventure Aquarium, for having to clean my childs drool….



{Ok….just real quick.  The kid in the “seaweed” above with Hunter later tried to take Jagger’s pants off while Jagger was crawling through the maze (below).  And after a couple attempts I have to intervene and say “Ok…I think that’s enough of that now.”  I’m sorry…WHERE were his parents/guardian…and WHO DOES THAT???  I have never met another child who’s like "oh here…let me take your clothes off.”  I mean, the boy’s cousin helping them to change for bedtime is one thing…but not in public at random.  And I let it go for a second to see if I misinterpreted….oh maybe he saw Tigger on the back of his diaper….oh maybe he’s trying to pull him out of the way (which is also just rude)…oh maybe he’s…no….no he’s definitely trying to take his my son’s pants off…  Just. So. Weird.}


Ok the biggest hit BY FAR was this little area where you could crawl under a tank and stick your head up through this bubble.  I really didn’t even point it out to Hunter based on how he had been acting about the dark…I figured head-inside-fish-tank wasn’t going to fly.  But he figured it out himself and just LOVED it.  Sorry for the flash…it was too dark to not use it.  And some fish totally photo blocked some of my pics…..


This one’s my favorite pick of the day…minus flash-eye.  And you can imagine the conversation they were having, right? “Jagger look at the fish!! Wow it’s Dory!!! We’re swimming!!!  We’re fish!!! Hey what’s that? Wow a fish!! Look at me!!!”  They were hogging this thing for about 20 minutes.  Not. Exaggerating.

I think the Kid Zone is a FABULOUS addition to the Aquarium.  It totally allows for kids of ALL ages to enjoy the aquarium now, and helps get a lot of energy out for these guys.  Learning through play….it’s all the rage now, right?  And the best part was they were totally ready for lunch after this…with what else?  Goldfish of course!!  Thank you Adventure Aquarium!  We had a great time!  I encourage you all to go check out the Kid Zone in the aquarium if you’re in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area!



  1. Love! Can't wait until Emma is old enough for this stuff!!

  2. SO fun, I would totally do this. Well.. minus the playroom haha


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