Monday, March 26, 2012

Twenty Six Point Two

It's over, y'all!! It's all over!!  I did it, my body carried me through, my mind was strong....and I completed the ENTIRE marathon!!  WOOOOOOOOT!!!  I wasn't quite so confident the day before on the drive down, though.....

These guys were fine....they got massive treats and they love hotels...

I mentioned a couple months ago that I was training, and I honestly never really mentioned it again for fear that I was putting to much pressure on myself.  That sounds kinda lame...but I didn't want to disappoint myself.  My only goal was to finish...and to not finish last.  And I didn't!  I was like 16th from the bottom....but not last!  If you want to look at the stats, go'll see my name at the 5:58:09.   Just eeked out under 6 hours!  HAHA!  It's hard to believe that when I was just rounding the 10 mile mark (about 2.5 hours) people were FINISHING!!!  That's crazy craze to me.  

I really was very fortunate, though...about everything.  We were told by our weather forecastor that it was going to rain.  All day.  UUUUGGGGHHHH.  But...there was no. rain. at. all.  I even bought this jacket and wore a hat for rain.  HA!  But I really wish I would have worn a sweatshirt.  It was cold and windy...and I think after I started sweating, it got know...cuz I was damp and not drying.  Anyway...there came a point around mile 15 that my shoulders were dying.  they were literally falling off.  I couldn't even touch my left one without pain shooting up and down my arm.  But then I laughed because if I didn't mess with was fine.  So why was I messing with it.  I dunno....something to do after 3 hours of running?  

And I have the best husband, and the best friends who came out to support me.  My neighbors and wonderful friends Lia, Shaun, and their son Sawyer were in the are that weekend and ended up coming out to watch me run.  The met me between mile 8 and 9, drove by me at around 19....then the whole gang was waiting for me right at the 20 mile marker!  Here's my running by at 20...still smiling! 

I was yelling that I wanted ice cream for dinner.  I got a chocolate shake...just as good!

Craig then met me at the "one mile to go" sign...I loved it.  it pumped me up to see my husband there cheering me on!

I was trying to me cheesy while I was made me look like I was power walking

And Craig JUST missed me finish.  It's not his fault.  He was there...and the kiddos weren't moving fast enough.  Plus I sprinted the last half mile or so.  I saw that FINISH sign and wanted to do just that...FINISH.  I wanted to be dunzo.  So I said "legs....pump it...get it going."  And it's funny....they did.  There was a point in the run where it felt better to run than to walk.  Walking hurt.  It sounds backwards...but when I slowed down I was aware of where I was hurting.  

Deliriously happy that I finished...and I wore that medal all day.  I'm so glad I did it and I can cross it off my 40 before 40 list...but I'm POSITVE that I will never do one again!  I'll do other races....but no marathons!  It was a fun one time experience, and I feel so proud of myself, and I can say that I did it.

To end this post so I can get back to soothing my SUPER sore muscles...I'm gonna offer up some tips, advice from a first time marathoner, and some things I learned:

1) Definetely eat.  Get up early, eat a breakfast...even if it's small.  I was STARVING by about 15 miles.
2) On the same note...I took a drink at nearly every water station, and after awhile they were offering bananas and oranges and I took them whole heartedly.  They gave me some added energy and a definite boost.
3) Don't guzzle the water or Gatorade, but don't be afraid to ask for 2.  Some stations were pretty stingy with what was in the cup.  I listened to my body the whole time and I knew I needed more than a sip.
4) When it comes to training...take what you learned during those sessions and apply it to your race day.  I learned that I could run up hills easier if I got just a little lower to the ground but kept my pace.  Sounds weird...but it definitely helped me.  We had to run 4 bridges and I ran over all of them...allowing me to pass some people during that time.
5) Speaking of passing people...I am a competitor by even though my goals were to finish...I was bothered when people passed me.  In a way it was good because it def fueled me....but it was also bad because I wouldn't listen to what my body needed when I got concerned.  Like I had to pee really bad and skipped a few port-o-pots because I knew people would be passing me if I went.  But finally I had to go and not concern myself with it.  It was either be passed or pee my pants.  I'll take being passed.
6) Wear pants.  Seriously.  Preferably running pants.  I felt SO BAD for these 2 people during the race because they were wearing running shorts and they were clearly in pain from the chaffing.  I honestly don't know if one girl finished...she started running like she had just gotten off a horse and kept tugging at her shorts to pull them down.  Wear clothes that aren't going to ride up or move when you run.  It takes to much of your mind to deal with that minor stuff.
7) I know everyone says this...but have fun.  Smile and wave at the medics who line the run.  If you are running one like I did...enjoy the view.  There was a point where I actually got really sick of my music, took off my headphones....and just listened to the ocean crashing onto the shore.  Dare I was magical.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! I get my hubs home today to help me recover!  He is amazing....


  1. way to go mama! I am seriously impressed. The longest I've ever forced myself to run was 7 miles... I could never do a marathon lol! I just don't think I'm cut out for it mentally. Yeah for accomplishing one of your goals though!

  2. Congrats! Amazing job! The most I have ever done is to walk a half marathon. You are a rockstar.

  3. Wow, you are an inspiration! You should be very proud of yourself! Very very awesome that you're family cheered you on throughout it all!


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