Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Extending the life of your Flowers…just a little

I picked up some blooms at the grocery store the other day…because I just needed a little freshness in my dank and dirty house.  Why do you even read this blog?  My house is always gross and dirty…says me.  Ha!  Well thank you for stopping by regardless.  Anyway I digress…..So I picked up these blooms and they happily lasted well over a week…yay!


Well…they WERE purty.  Oh and you see what I mean by dirty house?  Look at how I cleaned up for you guys.  BLARF.  Anyway….look at the vase.  Here it is closer…


OMG I’m going to barf.  MOLD!  I noticed this as I was chopping things for dinner and about sliced my fingers off.  And just to be clear…I had changed the water the day before so this took me by surprise.  So I decided to empty out the gross disgusting-ness and put the flowers in a smaller container.  But you can see that the pink flowers were about done, according to them deciding to shed their petals everywhere.  The minute I touched them they all crumbled.  I have that effect on plants….and people.  Being that I mixed these guys in with daisies…I saved just the daises then.  Forget you pink flowers.


Aw how cute!  I used these teal glasses I got at Goodwill (I was using them to hold delicious peanut M&M’s…that the hubs emptied in about a day.  Awesome) and just cut the blooms super short.  And guess what?  These guys perked right back up and have been going for about another week!  Huzzah!  That’s almost 2.5 weeks of freshy freshy from grocery store blooms!  My goal in life to to be able to always have fresh flowers…but even just a little 2.5 weeker was enough to get my but in gear about spring cleaning and seriously freshening up the rest of the house.  Happy first day of spring all!


  1. Love the alphabet train in the background we have that too!

  2. I always have the same problem with my cut flowers! Nice work :)


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