Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chair is finito and is Muy Bueno

I know, I know….it’s hard to believe that I haven’t taken a Spanish class in my entire life.  It’s almost like I’m fluent.

So I finally finished my chair!  Wee-ho!  It took long enough between trying to tackle 18 other projects at the same time.  I know…I’m insane.  But that’s something that I’ve gotten used to, something that my husband is trying desperately to get used to, and something that I really am trying to fix.  I keep saying one project at a time…but I’m just a filthy liar.  So let’s take a good look at the before again

Soooo….not cute.  But great potential at 1.99 from Goodwill!  What what!  And now the pretty after!!


I am so terribly proud of this little baby that I set her up for multiple photo shoots. Her she is working hard by the front door, welcoming anyone that comes to call..


And here she is gazing out the window…getting ready for spring time fun!


Oh my I love it so much!  Unfortunately…this was painted with the intent to sell.  But I’ll tell you the truth…if it doesn’t I may not be too sad!  If anyone is interested, just email us at diapers.divas@gmail.com.  In the meantime…I will be gazing at her light aqua beauty and be thinking of spring!


  1. It is truly amazing what a little coat of pain will do! great job :)

  2. 1.99? That is awesome! Great job too! Very nice!


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