Monday, February 27, 2012

Star Of The Week

Have I told you all how much I love Hunter's school?  Well...if I haven't...I love it.  Like....LOOOVE it.  His teacher's are amazing, the director (principal?) knows literally EVERY child in that school by name...and even their siblings (Jagger loves her), and the kids in his class are absolutely amazing.  AND...the best part...he's actually LEARNING.  That was a big thing for me when I was looking for pre-schools...I actually wanted them to read and write and learn in addition to socializing and having fun.

So since the beginning of the year, Hunter's class has been doing the "Star of the Week" where whoever is the star that week, it's all about them.  They get to make a special poster, and be the special person in the class, and they get to have somebody of their choosing come in and read to the class.  Sonny really wanted to do it but just couldn't get the time off work.  BUT!  He did help with Hunter's poster and it was so darn cute!

Hunter wrote his own name on the top of the poster (albeit reluctantly) and then Dad wrote everything else.  We printed out pictures of him and the family and Pepper as well.  I really wish I would have gotten a finished poster pic.  I'm pretty sure I get the poster back....but still.
Then Hunter and Dad colored all the bits of the poster, and Jagger looked on. Jagger REALLY wanted to color...he is kind of a coloring fiend right now...but we told him this is Hunter's homework and he just had to watch.  God bless this child...he actually listens

Oh...and I have to mention that Sonny started being in charge of Sunday dinners so that it's one less thing on Sunday that I have to worry about.  His first go was possibly the most yummy baked ziti I've ever had.  Seriously.  He will read this and say "oh she's just saying that"....but it really was good.  You can tell that he liked it because he took this picture with it

And Hunter actually ATE THE PASTA (that's a feat) because it looked like little tunnels.  Yay!  We found one he likes!  Anyway...back to the my little star...he really enjoyed doing this homework and I think took a lot of pride in doing a good job!  We also got to find out a couple fun facts from him that we never knew that he wants to be a drummer when he grows up.  Seriously.  Sonny kept asking him and hi kept saying "play drums."  Sonny was asking "do you want to be a firefighter?"  "No Marina."  For all those not in the know of kids shows...she's a drummer in a show called The Fresh Beat Band.  We also found out his favorite color is yellow.  Huh.  Never knew!
 What a fun little weekend homework assignment!  I'm actually thinking of doing something like this at the beginning of every year just for our home to see how their thoughts change over the years!  Wouldn't that be a fun thing to look back on when you graduate High School?  In the meantime...we will encourage his passions and he may be on the lookout for a little drum set.  :)

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